Can the Xbox One Still Win?

The PS4 outsold Xbox One in March, even with Titanfall. What can Microsoft do to catch up?

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FITgamer1539d ago

Can it? Yes. Will it? Not likely.

micx1539d ago

At least it can still be a great succes, they just to have exclusives keep coming.

Septic1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I know its a bit premature to call a winner just yet, but honestly, I don't see it happening.

You see, Major Nelson (and even me) have said that this is a sprint not a marathon. But there's a bit of hypocrisy here on MS' part because Bill Gates, last gen said the following:

"we've got a Ferrari. They've got a Ferrari. Our Ferrari is leaving the starting line substantially before their Ferrari is, and, in most races, that's a very nice thing."

This time round, Sony's Ferrari has some extra bhp AND has left the finishing line first. But Sony has left the ground running so much faster EVEN though this race started pretty much simultaneously. However, the Xbox has been stalling in terms of countries where it has been released.

The PS4 has gained so much momentum and has everything going for it. MS also are losing grip in their home turf (that sure as heck never happened in, say Japan for instance).

I don't think MS will 'win' in the sense that we're discussing here. I think if MS claw back the US market by the end of this gen, that is a big win in itself.

However, saying that, we 'spectators' if you will, will definitely win. MS' Ferrari has substantially more financial backing and as such, will ensure that even though the Xbox is lagging behind, it'll put up a very good race.

randomass1711539d ago

Depends on your definition of winning. If you mean make a profit? They most certainly can. If you mean sell the most consoles, it's possible but not very likely.

T21539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I think profit too but sales numbers are what most people look at. Also profit in any consoles is not easy, that will be a challenge with xbox being more expensive to produce than ps4

Negative771539d ago

Winning = profit + exclusives + solid market share

So yes it can definitely win.

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DragonbornZ1539d ago

There's no "winning". Both compete, they push one another, and it goes on and on down the road. One will not "crush" the other or make one irrelevant, and no gamer should want either to be.

Deadpool1011539d ago

I think has already won. Dont flame me, I dont mean it's won against PS4. I think having the 3rd most successful console launch of all time inspite of the absolute balls up of a system reveal and awful press is definitely a win :)

T21539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

The monthly sales numbers are getting worse as time goes on though is why I disagree... Third best launch maybe only if you count first three months.... But what happens after that? What if they sell 3-4 million in 2014?

Deadpool1011539d ago

True, if the sales slow down too much we might end up in Dreamcast territory (can you believe that a console that broke launch records at the time, failed so badly?). But as of right now, it's a success :)

kneon1539d ago

At the current rate of sales they are looking at only 4-5 million for 2014, and that's including the usual jump in sales at the end of the year.

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