[Continue Play] Ni No Kuni Retrospective Review

Continue Play's Brian Kale takes a look back at Ni No Kuni, Level 5's collaboration with Studio Ghibli.

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vishmarx1423d ago

the most fun and beautiful which becomes garbage after 10 or so hours.
same quests,lame monster designs.highly flawed combat
jaw dropping visuals and music

NewMonday1423d ago

I loved it, one of the all time classic JRPGs in my book, got half a dozen spirits up to level 99. also got my CoD loving nephew into it and he also loved and played it to the fullest, as a result he is now into Dark Souls and Tales games.

Borma1422d ago

Yea I also immensely enjoyed this game. It was one of my first Platinum Trophies. It brought me back to my childhood. As I was playing I felt hints of Chrono Trigger, FF, Zelda, Pokemon and a bit of Rogue Galaxy. Man I would do anything for a Rogue Galaxy sequel.

WildArmed1422d ago

Same, I loved it. The music, the art, the combat, and a cliched story. The side quests were fun to do since you get a ton of spells and such from them.

I enjoyed exploring, and the post game content was pretty good too.

I paid 60$ for it, and I have no regrets. Some of the most fun I've had w/ JRPGs in awhile.

itBourne1422d ago

I loved the game too, slow start, but after sticking it out it consumed me. Great combat, beautiful, and omg did I get that studio ghibli inner child feel the whole time. The familiar design was fucking horrendous tho, out of the whole bunch I was only a fan of a handful. Overall great game, I really do hope there is another.

itBourne1422d ago


I loved Rogue Galaxy, played it late on my ps3, but you want a sequel? I felt like it was that girl that teases you, but will never give it up. The whole time I got this Dark Cloud feel, but never quite the satisfaction, like it was a gimped Dark Cloud, it had a lot of the things I loved about Dark Cloud, but every change they did have was for the bad. Enemy random encounters, weapon/equipment upgrades was a severe gimped mechanic, not town building and no crafting. Felt like a Dark Cloud game stripped of some amazing features.

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no_more_heroes1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

The best thing about this game for me was the soundtrack. Can't remember a single bad track, but my absolute favorites, which make it onto my all time favorite game music list, are the Al Mamoon and Castaway Cove tracks.

The only thing I would say I'm disappointed with is that they used the Castaway Cove track in the snow town as well (don't remember the name off the top of my head) instead of giving it its own music.

Nonetheless, Hisaishi-san impressed me with his efforts in this game, like he generally does with the movies.

Skate-AK1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I liked it a lot. Got the platinum trophy after around 86 hours if gameplay. I could see where people could say they didn't like it after the first 30 hours but that's really how JRPGs are.

Errefus1422d ago

Loved it still working on getting the Platinum 3 more trophies to get it :D everyone needs to play this game.

DanaBlack1422d ago

Needs sequel or another JRPG with Studio Ghibli's animation