Why Don't People Like Dualshock 4's Lightbar?

The Beyond crew weighs in on this maligned feature of the otherwise superbly designed Dualshock 4.

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antbolton891605d ago

I dont have a problem with the lightbar, I have a problem with the battery life

badboy7761605d ago

90% of gamers think it's the cause of the low battery life.

ramiuk11605d ago

but how wrong they are .
Its the touchpad and arnt the buttons digital now,unlike the DS3 which was analogue

IcicleTrepan1605d ago

Probably because someone posted the results of them testing with and without the light bar hooked up and the controller lasted much longer without it hooked up.

TomShoe1605d ago

It's not a bad thing.

Just give us some compelling reason to have it, then everything will be OK. Same for Kinect.

bradfh1605d ago

Its because the battery is smaller, Ps4 has only 1000mAh to ps3 1800mAh.

Ittoryu1605d ago

I disabled my light bar and my battery life is pretty good.

lazyjatt1605d ago

@bradfh the dual shock 3 only had a 570mah battery, not 1800.

rainslacker1604d ago


The original sixaxis and DS3 had a 570m/a battery. After the slim PS3 release the battery was upped to an 1000m/a battery. 1800m/a batteries are available, but not sure if any DS3's come equipped with them from Sony.

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micx1605d ago

I think we should be able to turn it off if we want to.

lonelyplayer1605d ago

how would you know it is on?

micx1605d ago

It this a serious question?

HugoDrax1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I agree! Being that I don't have a camera for my PS4, the light being on is just pointless. All it does is drain my battery. I'm not sure what type of battery is in the controller?

I use Duracell NiMH 2400mAh rechargeable batteries for my xb1 controller, and it lasts forever. I also have the turtle Beach X07 headphones for my xb1, and the controller still lasts a very long time.

In other news, I finally beat Second Son earlier :-)

JsonHenry1605d ago

Well most PS4 users don't have a camera and we would like the ability to turn it off since it serves us no purpose whatsoever without one.

Although I did use it as a flashlight the other day when the power went out..

BitbyDeath1605d ago

It's purpose is to tell you which controller is player 1-4.

ThatEnglishDude1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

If the purpose is to just tell you which controller is player 1 through 4, then it's the shittiest design going. What was wrong with the small red LEDs that were placed under the numbers 1-4 to whatever player it was assigned to? Since when has the colour blue meant player 1, and whatever other colours represent players 2 through 4?

I sit near a window and sometimes the blue light will reflect off the glass and catch me off guard, thinking there's something going on outside. It's a distraction, but not AS bad as people make it out to be.

joab7771605d ago

Thats the only issue I have ever heard about. I love the lightbar. Its cool looking and actually practical. I hav never had an issue b/c I have 2, use standby and rotate.

But, the update is nice. The lowest setting isnt so low that its gone but will help with battery life.

Farsendor11605d ago

actually it will have virtually no effect on battery life, its the digital buttons and crappy low power battery that hurts the life of the controller.

Axios21605d ago

Because it's a reminder that Sony intended to include the camera for $500 and did a 180 at the last moment because they felt they needed a price advantage

HiddenMission1605d ago

That's retarded the camera doesn't retail for $100 it's like $50 or $60...which means you think Sony would have expected a 80% mark up with bundle

...Really people...who thinks that they would have actually marked it up by $40 to $50 for no reason what so ever.

They changed their mind because they knew they had to beat the price by a good margin to really stick it to MS and $50 difference doesn't have the same impact as $100.

That's can we move on from this subject.

Also the damn light is an LED so no it's draining the battery that much...LED's are energy efficient. It's the digital buttons and digital touch pad that are power monsters.

Saito1605d ago

Pulling crap out yer butt. That was no intention or info of Sony doing that. Xbox maggot

ITPython1605d ago

The LED's have been confirmed to draw about 50mA of juice, which isn't necessarily huge, but with a 1000mAh battery it matters. It probably takes off about 2-4 hours of battery life because of it.

I think the biggest reason people don't like the light.. is that we cannot turn it off. Some people want to turn it off because of the extra battery drain, others might get reflections on their TV. For whatever reason somebody doesn't want it on I don't see why we should be forced to have it on all the time, especially if there is no use for it unless you use the PS camera.

Although I did come up with an interesting way to increase the DS4 battery life by about 300%.

Cost $20 and adds an extra 2800mAh to the DS4 battery. It fits on the back of the controller vertically without getting in the way and weighs hardly anything. I just plug it into the USB of my controller (it comes with the right connector out of the box) and I get tons of extra juice, all while being completely wireless and mobile. So instead of my controller dying once every two days, it should last as long as my DS3 controller did, about a week with several hours a night of playing.

And when the external pack gets drained, I just unplug it and charge it up with my smartphone charger, and in the time it takes for it to charge I can keep using the DS4 which now has a full battery.

If somebody were to come up with something like this but also sell it with an inventive way of attaching it to the controller, that would be a great product idea since the DS4 battery life leaves much to be desired.

rainslacker1604d ago

The only "study" I've seen into it suggested they ran about 50m/a. That seemed excessive since the brightest LED I've ever seen for sale in the same class tops out at 30m/a. The study itself was questionable since there seemed to be no real control. I don't know if there's anything out there, but it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to get the actual specs of the LED. That kind of thing can be measured with a multi-meter, and there's likely a product code on the light itself. I don't care to take apart my DS4 to check myself though.:) It's possible the control circuits and LED could draw that much power though.

Here's the only one I've seen that's tested this in any ways.

Even he admits his findings don't match up with actual real world practice.

I think too much is being made of the battery life being drained for the light. It's probably somewhere in the middle.

That battery you posted isn't bad, but you can buy a 1800m/a for half the price, and should bring the battery life up to 12-20 hours. Guess it depends on if you want to open up the controller.

1605d ago
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JOEgolferG1605d ago

This. It's bad on Thief when the bar turns white, all you can see is the bright reflection but it's better now that the dimming is in place.

Negative771605d ago

Agreed. TV reflection AND battery life.

Meltic1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Ive never seen it im into the game lol

DJMarty1605d ago

You must sit very near to your TV for reflection to happen

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vongruetz1605d ago

I don't like that it sits there glowing while I'm trying to watch Netflix.

SlasherXI1605d ago

In the dark it is pretty visable imo.

joab7771605d ago

And thats what I like actually.

Dspdspes1605d ago

I personally don't need it/care about it. But if its the responsible for the short battery life, i would like to be able to turn it off