First Look at Watch Dogs' Apartments, First Impressions and Easter Eggs

GameVerb writes: Take your first look at the hideouts in Watch Dogs. Also, we review the media’s first impressions of Watch Dogs, show off some fun Easter Eggs, and more.

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theXtReMe11605d ago

Gameverb, once again, claiming new footage, using all recycled footage that theyve shown over and over again with Robbie talking overtop about information everybody already knows.

KnightRobby1605d ago

Ah yeah! Here comes the haters! It appears I am doing something right. And I don't recall anyone showing this leaked screen of the apartment or discussing the first mission, showing some Easter eggs, etc.

Thanks to everyone else for the awesome support btw :)

theXtReMe11605d ago

Hater, no. Constructive criticism, yes. You continuously run the same video clips over and over in the background of you talking about what dozens of other sites have already discussed. If this was simply a new, leaked, pic... Then post that pic and dont waste peoples time watching 10 minutes of old footage that youve run in every video youve posted in the past two weeks or so.

I actually like that you are doing a site/ video blog around open world games. Its my favorite kind of game. But, over the past week youve posted the same clips over and over, claiming new, exclusive footage... Only to have it be the same stuff you, and others, have posted before.

I dont hate what you do, I dislike the way you go about it. Making sensationalistic headlines for site hits, only to lead people to watching old video clips, when you know people want to see new stuff... By making it seem like you have that new stuff, in your headlines.

KnightRobby1605d ago

Less than a month and trust me, they'll more more clips. Just excited about Watch Dogs over here! Can't wait to play with you all online.

Farsendor11605d ago

if someone doesnt like your content doesnt mean they are hater. i like your videos but i do dislike some things.

masheen881605d ago

I have nothing to say except thanks for the effort and time put into sharing at least a well informed video. Its alot more than criticizing which technically there's a billion other websites with the same info so that other guys comment is void. Perhaps i'll see you in multiplayer as well.

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wls10121605d ago

I'm backing out on this game it's Mario kart time for me.

sander97021605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

How come every time there is "news" about Watch dogs it's always just this guy talking about rumors or facts we've known for weeks over footage that we've seen over and over again!?

Tornadobounce1605d ago

Too much information! The games guna suck because we know everything

masheen881605d ago

Just dont visit the site and you'll never know anything about it :) or blind yourself works too.

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