Is There a Negative Perception of Re-released Games on Next-gen Consoles?

The Beyond crew weighs in on whether or not re-releases on next gen consoles are good for gamers.

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Activemessiah1572d ago

It's the price... not the games

iamtehpwn1572d ago

For $40, it'd be a lot more 'buyable'. The $60 price point for a last gen game is whats discouraging.

thelaughingwiseman1572d ago

60 dollars has always been too much money for games. 40 would be an awesome cap on game sales

ziggurcat1572d ago

... so then you buy the game at $40... then you're interested in the DLC, which is either $20 for the season pass or more than $20 if you buy the DLC separately... or you buy it cheaper on PS3, and don't get any of the DLC, the improved visuals or improved performance...

people who cry about the price of these reissues aren't understanding that it's not just a nicer-looking version of the game. there's a lot more underneath the hood that's being done, and you're getting all of the extra content. it's the same, old entitled nonsense that plagued the tail end of last generation being carried over into this one.

iamtehpwn1572d ago


No I think you're the one who's missing the point. I bought Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD, and I got 2 HD games with all the content + bonus content and it only costed me $40 *Because* remastered games don't require a full Dev-team to work on. No reason at all for these re-releases to cost $60 when It's done by an extremely small staff, possibly only 10-20 people.

alexkoepp1572d ago

I think price is right, charging way too much. However, games like Tomb Raider and Last of Us are just too close to their original releases... Last of Us isn't even a year old, and they are already bringing it back?

I've had fond memories of this last generation, but it's always going to stand out as the generation that tried to tap into my wallet, rather than give me top notch experiences.


@ ziggurcat

and why should we not feel entitled to get value for our hard earned money....IT'S OUR HARD EARNED F"^KING MONEY!!!

To be honest though devs/pubs are just doing what any company would do and cashing in and as long as gamers keep buying nothing will change, just more dev's will try it.

I think most if not all of us understand perfectly that it's more then just a nicer looking version. The fact is though for the little content they do add and stuff they change many of us still feel it' not worth full asking price.

Not to mention these are games that have been out less then a year anyway.

theshonen88991572d ago

The value ratio that you are all discussing has far too many factors for there to possibly be an all compassing, blanketing statement to succinctly explain this. For instance, how much work was put into the remake? Was it just a resolution bump or are there better textures, polygons, lighting, physics, etc.? Are there enhanced gameplay mechanics, added content, or included DLCs?

Questions like "are remakes worth it?" can't be answered with a simple yes or no. As with any other game, and really anything in general, there plenty of things to take into account and it's ultimately up to you, and only you, to make that decision. If you don't think an HD remake is worth it, no one is forcing you to buy it. For me, HD ports of Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear, etc. are all games I would have never played until the HD remakes brought my attention to them. For me they are invaluable, for you maybe not.

N4Gpower1571d ago

Currently, The last of us is cheaper on PS3 (used game) so 60$ is too expensive.

Jaqen_Hghar1571d ago

exactly! A man saw great games like GoW, R&C, Jak, Sly, and SotC remade and priced according to their last gen status. Hell that was $40 for a TRILOGY in many cases! Now they want $60 for ONE game!? A man won't buy into that. Well LoU is the exception because a man hasn't gotten any DLC so he is effectively saving $20 (new difficulty plus Left Behind is what he would have gotten) plus he sold his steel case edition and its artbook for $140 (bought for $80 so that difference pays for the remastered version). Still though a man won't buy Beyond, Skyrim, ME, or Uncharted Trilogy for next gen unless they're $40 or a man will wait for them to drop to $30!

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Hellsvacancy1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

How many HD remakes did when get last-gen? (still no Warriors HD damn it)

This gen we're going to get even more, GTAV will be next, the Uncharted games more than likely at some point, God Of War 3? very possible

GundalfDeGrej1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

GTAV? Possibly. Uncharted and GoW3? I doubt it since most ps3 owners have already played them. It's been quite a while since they got released. TLoU is still a rather new game which everyone hasn't had a chance to play so I'm guessing it would sell more.

thelaughingwiseman1572d ago

There is a negative perception. They are doing it for the money. Where there is a demand, there is a supply. People who got a PS4 and didn't have a PS3 are going to want to play those exclusive from the PS3, but don't want to buy the PS3 already. So they buy the enhanced versions from the PS4.

I my self don't like the idea. So I won't be buying the enhanced versions because I already have the games. The developers who are working on these remaster projects should probably focus on new ip. Not games that already exist. Again, It's a subjective matter. Others will like the option of getting older games from older consoles. But that could have been solved if the PS4 was backward compatible all the way from the original PS. It'd have been awesome.

Jaqen_Hghar1571d ago

and PS4 would have been $600 and not sold with all that hardware inside it

colonel1791572d ago

My only problem with them is that they could be using the money to create new games instead. Although I don't know how the business works, so...

thelaughingwiseman1572d ago

Newer IP is always welcomed to me

Hifist11572d ago

TLOU is well worth 50-60eurs especially in 1080p+60fps+all dlc included. So yeah, i'm gonna buy this masterpiece again but first i need to buy PS4.

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