Microsoft's Xbox One will also debut in 42 other countries this September

Microsoft expects China to be a big market -- the company says there are half a billion gamers in China, and, as of 2013, the Chinese gaming industry had generated $13 billion in revenue from PC, mobile, and online gaming.

Microsoft's Xbox One will also debut in 42 other countries this September, including India, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. Previously, only 26 markets had been confirmed.

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DxTrixterz1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Ok I know I'll get lots of disagrees but PS4 right now has about what 2-3 million more units sold (notice that it is available everywhere) and Xbox One now is getting more countries to be sold in so I guess it will probably catch up pretty close to PS4 sales (but I don't think it will outsell PS4 though).

KillerByte231420d ago

and how many countries is the PS4 getting sold in. The Xbox One might be only at 4.1 million consoles sold but only is out in 13 countries

DxTrixterz1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Keep in mind that those 13 countries are the major ones that have the biggest gaming base.

Dlacy13g1420d ago

@KillerByte23 I believe the PS4 is nearing 50 countries if I am not mistaken...and it could be more by September.

That said, having your box in more places to be bought will 100% have a positive impact on sales. How much of an impact is totally up for debate but it will for sure be better than being only in 13 countries.

bleedsoe9mm1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

@DxTrixterz emerging markets , 3 of the highest growing middle classes in the world are in China , India and Brazil

@Dlacy13g nobody can say how many units ms will sell when the markets are even but we can say for sure sony world numbers won't increase but the xb1 numbers will

Lawboy21420d ago

The ps2 is in 72 countries and regions...As stated in there press release when they sold 7 million

also didn't they say that 10th xbox ones had already been pre ordered in china

Rimeskeem1420d ago

Around 80% of Xbox one sold have been from Europe and america

frostypants1419d ago

@bleedsoe9mm, yes, they are emerging markets. But as of now they don't buy a lot of games.

chrismichaels041419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

No one denies the Xbox will boost sales by launching in new markets...difference is those new markets are small and the majority of PS4/X1 sales have been from the US/Europe markets which both consoles are already available in.

The question is if PS4 is already outselling X1 in the 13 markets they already share (including US and UK which used to be Xboxs big markets), what difference will launching in other smaller markets make that have historically been stronger for Playstation anyway?

UltimateMaster1419d ago

My only question.
Why wait so long to release them everywhere?
Why leave the PS4 this year lead when they are reducing the production of Xbox One?
Things are looking bad.

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corvusmd1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

That, and in those countries it will be almost a year behind by the time it releases. Who knows what China will do as far as this point it's a bit iffy. US/China relations aren't exactly amazing, but we are their biggest importer and they do import a lot from the US, so as far as trade, it usually goes pretty well, and the citizens are GENERALLY fans of the US...however, China and Japan have had a history of absolutely HATING one another. This may not play into console sales at all...but it's something to can go either way there.

Going off what you said, if MS had released in all the same countries at the same time (true, nobody's fault but MS's own) This roughly 2.5 mil console gap would be much much lower. Do I think these 42 countries will make a enough of a difference (esp right away) to reverse that, not at all. I do however, have a feeling that XB1 will do better in China than PS4...not by a ton or anything, but I think it will. I could be wrong.

Belasco1420d ago

Agreed, but those 42 countries will not fill that gap, mark my words. It will give a boost of 500k consoles AT BEST. Again, Xbox fan since 2001, not trying to start a war here.

SniperControl1420d ago

"however, China and Japan have had a history of absolutely HATING one another"

At a political level yes, at a commerce level no.
Everbody seems to forget that both the PS3 & PS4 are made in china, there are strong trade links between the two countries.

Through work, I have been out drinking with guys from both countries at the same time, they are all good fun to be with.

Why o why1420d ago

Just replied because murda dolls comment was one of the best I've seen him post. Balanced

Belasco1420d ago

I am an Xbox faithful, and even I disagreed. Lets be realistic here, the Xbox is not going to catch up with the Ps4 but it will sell well, it's not the end of the world.Hopefully this will force MS to make more exclusives being that 3rd party support is going to take a hit.

iamnsuperman1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

I think market share play a big role in predicting numbers. Microsoft owned a huge market share in the UK and the US with the 360 but this time around things have changed (almost 50 50 with a slight favour going to Sony). Combine that with how the PS4 is doing compared to the One in countries like France and Germany and you get an overall, factual picture of what the market may be like this time around. Microsoft loss market share in its key regions but didn't pick it up in Sony's. These new regions will boost sales (of course) but what life is indicating is it will not match the PS4's numbers

barb_wire1420d ago


PS4 is available everywhere.. since when? I still haven't seen one in the stores by me, and those stores (like my local Target & Fry's) that do get a shipment, those PS4's are already sold.

Also, hasn't it occurred to you or anyone for that matter, that those people in those 42 countries where the XB1 will ship in September.. If they wanted a XB1 they probably already imported one.

WilDRangeRrfc1420d ago

BS there's PS4,s everywhere in the UK

barb_wire1420d ago


I'm not in the UK and No it's not BS.. you may have them there but I haven't seen any here where live.

Jvaughn6611420d ago

Checked my local target the other day, 1 xbox and 5 ps4's, maybe they just got a shipment in? and I'm in California.

medman1420d ago

So, this means 42 more countries where the xbone will be outsold? Got it. Thanks for the info. I'm sure the Chinese are on tenderhooks waiting to buy the crapbox from America.

turkish411420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

even more expensive ps3 sells better than cheaper 360 in those countries and now its opposite but yeah lets see whats gonna happen

Azzanation1420d ago

PS4 is available in 72 countries compared to 13, there's a monster difference. Imagine the sales of Titanfall if 72 countries had the game for X1?

Magnes1419d ago

Ms have no supply problems. If they thought there was money to be made in these other countries they wouldn't take all this time to launch in them.

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Dlacy13g1420d ago

Wow, 42 other countries plus China? I wonder if we are looking at all 42 getting their naitive dialect in voice commands? That seems like a massive undertaking considering they launched in just 13.

Convas1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

You could look at it as a massive undertaking on the one hand.

Or you could look at it as MS launching an Kinectless SKU at a much cheaper price, to be announced at E3. *Cough*

I'm just spitballin' here ...

Langkasuka1420d ago

I hope there'll be YouTube videos of the X1 trying to handle various types of heavily accented English.
"Axe-box own!"

DJStotty1420d ago

You do know you can change the accent that the Kinect recognises i.e. scouse/Mancunian Oh yeah you dont have one so you wouldnt know

AceBlazer131420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

People seem to get the wrong idea from a console launching in those small countries. Officially those consoles aren't selling in those countries but retailers in those countries usually just import from either North America or UK according to location.I'm from Trinidad so our retailers import from the US.These numbers will count towards North American sales.

And also in those smaller countries their are two types of consumers for these goods such as consoles, cellphones etc. There are the ones rich enough to buy from the goods from retailers, the PS4 goes for 4000 and the Xbone for 4500 in my country.Then there are those smart enough to import the consoles themselves.

If anyone in these smaller countries doesn't have a ps4 or Xbone now,They either have no interest or are unable to afford it.

IIt's ridiculous to expect some tremendous jump in sales from releasing in these smaller countries .

@MorePower I never mentioned China once because that country is a case all by itself.I'm talking about the 42 / 41 other countries. There aree already Xbone owners in these countries believe it or not.But as far as numbers go they just got towards NA sales and Europe/UK sales.

MorePowerOfGreen1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Yep the smallest country is china :P

Only in Sony la la la can the XB1 do no right. Releasing in 42 countries will reduce sales :/

More countries won't mean anything (Oo)

China plays PC even though consoles were not legally allowed to be sold (Oo)

Go play.


There will be no Kinect-less XB1 SKU. MSFT would rather take a hit on the overall price with Kinect and XB1 together.

OrangePowerz1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

China is a big country but on one side if they really want a console they get one illegally there from Hong Kong or neighbouring countries that import them and on the other side, did you see the list of what content will not be allowed in games? 95% of the games will not launch in China because of their rules. Your reasoning of why they play lots of PC there is also flawed since you expect them to be into western console games. They have a different taste of games just like South Korea that plays mainly PC and sells consoles legally.

As for the rest of the countries, if MS would have expected any noteworthy sales from them they would have launched there last year.

MS is a public company and shareholders have the say. If they increase their loss (they don't make a profit on every sold console and not to mention R&D costs) of the Xbox division they will tell them what they can and can't do. All the money doesn't help them if shareholders make less money. People seem to forget how publicly hold companies are run, especially in the US.

In la la la Green world MS didn't do anything wrong last year, DX12 will fix the physical problem of RAM, the console has secret sauce that is behind an NDA, has the cloud that makes it 100 times more powerful, is only behind because of less countries and because of the anti MS campaigns from the so called sony fanboys and sony fanboys websites. I know what side has the more delusional fanboys.

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