How Destiny Turns into Diablo When You Hit The Level Cap

In Bungie's new online first-person shooter Destiny, everything levels up. But what happens when you hit the level cap?

During the journey to get there your character, called a Guardian, gains new abilities, and the way these are given to you as you play the game is called "investment". There's even someone in charge of investment at Bungie, and his name is Tyson Green.

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XBOTTOX1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

This game will be a commercial success but a failure in the minds of gamers. MARK MY WORDS

hkgamer1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Most likely, it's not a typical fps with a lobby system. This game will probably be something similar to monster hunter and mmorpgs.

Well I'm just basing it on assumptions that I have made from what I have read about this game.
Kinda hard to explain, but I think buggies ambitions for this game is massive and the multiplayer pvp would either be a massive hit or a big fail. It's also interesting to see if they can keep players playing for the entire generation.

HexxedAvenger1390d ago

hmm... I like Monster Hunter and MMOs

TRD4L1fe1390d ago

WoW did it, so i cant see why Bungie cant. just keep adding new content on a regular basis. and im sure the lvl cap will be raised every so often, just like any other mmo

hkgamer1390d ago

Not saying that they can't do it, just saying it's going to be interesting to see how it will all work and if it will attract regular fps gamers.

I don't think the lol cap will matter much since it seems more of a weapon/equipment based game.
It will probably have different categories for different level of equipment in future updates.
I'm hoping someone like me who is not an expert or that good at fps to be able to enjoy this game.

TRD4L1fe1390d ago

I very much doubt it will be a failure. Bungie know what they are doing when it comes to single player and multiplayer/PvP games.

MARK MY WORDS, this game will be a huge success. in every aspect

XBOTTOX1390d ago

like i said, commercial success because people like you will buy just to play a bungie game under the assumption that it will be amazing because its a bungie game. This is just reskinned halo and activision is ready to collect from you TRD4L1fe. If your a halo fan, youd understand why they are not working on more halo games and would know what to expect

TRD4L1fe1390d ago


im buying this game because bungie is well known for making great games. Whether im wrong about destiny is yet to be seen. and dont we all make assumptions on if a game will be good on or just from watching trailers and reading articles. Even if it were made by another dev I will still buy it cause it looks amazing but the fact that bungie made this is the cherry on top. so ill gladly throw my money at them because I know it will be a great game

OpieWinston1390d ago Show
XBOTTOX1390d ago

im sorry dude but literally nothing about destiny looks amazing. borderlands meets diablo meets halo with a new skin and a heavy casual coat over EVERYTHING. the only interesting thing about destiny is the fact you can hop around planets like the moon and mars.

I was turned off by this game at first glance BUT i completely understand the hype and anticipation for it. It honestly made me that much more excited for what 343 is going to do with the halo franchise.

Look at halo reach gameplay <--> to destiny gameplay. Look at halo reach gameplay <--> to halo 4 gameplay. Look at halo 4 <---> to destiny gameplay

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showtimefolks1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

the first time i heard of this game it said on IGN a borderland type game from Bungie with a proper story and ME style universe travel

i am still gonna give the game the benefit of the doubt, let's see. Also destiny is suppose to be a 10 years deal so expect 3-4 games. This is just the first so i am sure Bungie will pay attention to what works and what needs to evolve or removed


I see what you are saying but if its commercial success that means a lot of fans will buy it. And after buying we can dislike it as much as we want but Bungie/Activision get their money. So yes you are right

No gaming outlet has the Balls to give Destiny a bad review, every single site gets a lot of advertisement money from Activision and this year that money doubles with Both COD and Destiny being released. so i expect nothing but 9's and lows being mid 8's


no sir this is all Bungie nothing to do with activision, Its Bungie's IP they can walk away anytime they want. They went with a publisher who knows how to sell FPS(big games). Say what you will be Activision but they know big games

Bungie has 110% freedom to do the game they want, their whole contract was leaked when they signed with activision so its all on Bungie

its like people saying EA messed up dragon age 2 or ME2-3. Fact is every single person within bioware have said EA is very hands off when it comes to Bioware games. even the DLC was Bioware's idea

let's stop blaming the publisher every time and let's put some of the blame over to developer


wait and see

GameSpawn1390d ago

"its like people saying EA messed up dragon age 2 or ME2-3. Fact is every single person within bioware have said EA is very hands off when it comes to Bioware games. even the DLC was Bioware's idea"

Yeah, I just wish EA wasn't so hands off when Amalur's developer 38 Studios got into trouble. EA took their share of success from publishing Amalur and left 38 behind to die. Amalur was f-ing good and I REALLY hope it inspires future action RPGs to follow its model.

Back on topic:

Destiny is shaping up to be a very promising game. This being a new IP means the reigns are off and Bungie can go wild and do things they were not able to do with Halo (in this case the Diablo-esk leveling system). That's not to say some Halo-esk elements won't make their way into the game. That is just the nature of the game coming from the same team of developers - artists will always have their own identifiable style no matter how much they change the medium - it's human nature.

showtimefolks1390d ago


that was also under EA's partners program. so EA didn't own the IP, also i played Amular and it could have been so much better than it actually was

instead of game being 100 hours of very very generic missions how about 15-20 hours of excellent story/rpg elements

they went for the MMO feel and failed, i hate the fact curt schilling lost all his hard earned money(i am a yankees fan so i do dislike him as a red sox player lol)

one thing Amular got right and so many RPG's get wrong is the combat, damn it felt good. It was on last gen consoles so the frame rate was never steady

Ittoryu1390d ago

Agree I was so disappointed when 38 folded I loved the game.

spicelicka1390d ago

Don't know or give a shit about commercial success, but it'll be a critical success mark my words!

Baccra171390d ago

I think the game will be a commercial failure to Activision but a success in gamers minds.

medman1390d ago

Well, xbuttocks, you've already failed, so there's that.

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XtraTrstrL1390d ago

If it goes sour, it'll be mainly Activision's fault. I still can't believe Bungie went with them as pub. I wish they just kickstarted this a year or 2 ago and go for some large scale $$$, Halo fans would be all over once they heard it is what they wanted Halo to be to begin with. Anyhow, I hope it's atleast fun, considering they'll probably be force advertising store items on us in our menus like COD:Ghosts. The fact they mentioned recently that they are "trying to keep it non-subscription based" was very worrying. When they clearly stated long ago it would be tied to no subscriptions to play, they're already preparing to start playing the 180 game. I really hope Activision lets this game be as good as it can be, before greedily strategizing how to quickly capitalize on some type of wack monetization scheme.

ShowGun9011390d ago

We'll just have to see, ive got a lot of hope for this game, but anymore its mainly the hope they don't dissappoint... come on Bungie, dont let activision drag ya down!

Meltic1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Stupid article. Diablo and Destiny ?. Two diffrent games.

Codewow1390d ago

But they have their similarities even from different genres. If you read the article they have a lot in common between the two games.

Meltic1390d ago

shooter and RPG game hello ?. Skills meaby similarities but not gameplay wise.

papashango1390d ago

they could have just used borderlands as example....It does the exact same thing once u hit cap. Just farm for weapons and gear basically.

ShowGun9011390d ago

eh, he's just comparing the games systems. its like saying COD has rpg elements in their multiplayer. "shooters arent rpgs!"

duh! its just an interesting comparison. lets never make interesting comparisons!


The Meerkat1390d ago

At least Destiny has a release date.


Myst-Vearn1390d ago

I really don't like this level cap thing..but everything else looking good.

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