The Best and Worst of the Original Game Boy

GotGame: The original Game Boy celebrated its 25th birthday last week. To remember the original Game Boy, we’ve assembled a list of the five greatest features of the original Game Boy…as well as five of its worst hangups.

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Geobros1391d ago

Very wonderful article. Its really pity that took 10 years to Nintendo to give color at Gameboy and 15 years to give black-light.

Though, I wouldn't say that battery life is an advantage. Ok 15 hours for 4 AAA batteries, I prefer a rechargeable battery even his life is shorter....

Smokingunz1391d ago

Whatever, gameboy brings back so many memories and it had the greatest library of games ever!!!! A legendar system.

Ramon3MR1391d ago

Cool article! Enjoyed a trip to memory lane and I think you totally nailed the main pros and cons in a fun way. I no longer have my original one but I still have an fully functional Game Boy Pocket.

finito821391d ago

i loved the fat original gameboy, tetris and mario all day son lol