10 Reasons Why PS Plus Members Must Download Stick it to the Man Today

Find out why you need Zoink’s out-there adventure on your PS4

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Abash1606d ago

From the moment Stick it to the Man! was announced, I thought it looked very cool. But I held out for a PS4 version and Im hppy I took that gamble since I'll be playing it for free with PS+

Peppino71605d ago

Can't find if on ps4 store. Found it on PS3 store but it wasn't free. Did I miss the opportunity to get it free? Was it an April deal? Thx for the info

raistra1605d ago

No, it's only for ps4 users. It's not free on the PS3 store

Peppino71605d ago

@raistra thanks... I'll check again tomorrow on my ps4 since today it was 15$ I have ps+. So its still supposed to be free in may? Looks fun.

antikbaka1606d ago

the only reason - 'cause it's free

RedSoakedSponge1606d ago

its actually really unique and fun and would have paid money for it if it wasnt free :)

christian hour1606d ago

Yeah I only got to play the first 4 levels last night but so far I'm really enjoying it. I dunno why but it reminds me of when I first played Conkers Bad Fur Day on n64, think it might be how the narrative is told. And the humor. Not as toilet based or as british as Conkers, but theres definitely similarities if not inspirations from Conker.

All in all really enjoying it from what I've played and some of the inner thoughts of the citizens had me laughing pretty loud.

I also threw down the cash for Daylight... a little too scared to play it just yet, but looking forward to seeing Unreal Engine 4 in action after first seeing it in "The Samaritan" demo.

Farsendor11606d ago

i would pay money for it, i have already bought steam world dig, fez, strider and child of light.


the art style looks awesome and it definitely has a really charming dialogue. anyone know if it has a platinum?

punkandlizard1606d ago

No platinum, a real fun and easy 100%

kevcampbell1606d ago

Love this, my favourite PS Plus title since Resogun

DLConspiracy1606d ago

Looking forward to trying it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.