Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 to boost Nintendo Wii U Sale?

An aerial view of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros in their connection with Nintendo Wii U sale boost.

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ritsuka6661608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

MK8 will no doubt be the biggest seller game 2014. I am pleased MK8 isn't being rushed but Nintendo should have known better than to let it take this long. Mario Kart will definitely get families and casuals on board if they actually advertise it like they did for MK Wii.

DryBoneKoopa851608d ago

Nintendo has stated their giving Mario Kart 8 a Years worth of advertising. Were talking commercials, online advertising, journalists, toys, and anything else you can dream of lol.

randomass1711608d ago

Hopefully it pays off. This is the kind of media push I wish we had seen from Nintendo at launch.

Vegamyster1608d ago

They're doing a good job hyping this game and Smash Bros, also they're giving away a free game with MK8 when you register it which is great incentive. Can't wait to pick it up.

Spinal1607d ago

Well I plan to buy a Wii U when Smash Bros is out. I won't buy one yet just for Mario Kart...

Got my PS4 recently with Infamous Second Son, i got it for UFC in june and Destiny on Oct, I also want to play the Destiny beta. Oh and the remastered Last of Us since i didnt play it on PS3.

The 10th Rider1607d ago

@ Spinal,

If you've got the money, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pick one up before July 31st with Mario Kart so you can get the free game deal.

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UnbiasedOpinions1608d ago

Nope, everyone will just buy Xbox

Thatguy-3101607d ago

Reality is about to strike hard. Can't wait. Only a few more months.

Ronin_GTChin1607d ago


Well then you will miss out on a free game for buying MK8 if i was you i'd buy MK8 now and register it on club Nintendo and then buy the WiiU when you're ready.

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eaise1608d ago

Of course they will. Any huge first party game that fans love will boost sales

thehobbyist1607d ago

The article answers it's own question really. Two big franchises will boost Wii U sales? You tell me.

Geobros1608d ago

No way.....maybe a small increase, thats all.

randomass1711608d ago

A small increase for two of the largest Nintendo franchises in history? You sir are underestimating these games.

Geobros1607d ago

I am playing Mario Kart from the Super Mario Kart and I know very well the importance of this series, I love it!!

Just, Wii U has many problems and it can be solved by a great game which is coming.

mcstorm1607d ago

@Geobros I would not say the Wiiu has many problems. It is a very under rated consoles. For me the Wiiu is the console with the best line up at this moment in time. The biggest issue with the WiiU is the same issue Nintendo had with the 3DS in that its name is making people think that it is a add on to the wii. Nintendo just need to show people like they did with the 3DS that its a new console and once that happens sales will start to pickup.

Cant wait for Mario Kart and super smash bros. I do think if Nintendo want to pull users over from the PS3 and 360 they do need to bring out a FPS game that stands out against Halo and COD though. But I think the 2nd half of this year will be big for Nintendo as well as Microsoft and Sony.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1607d ago

two of the largest and fastest growing fans in gaming history not just Nintendo

DialgaMarine1608d ago

It'll sell well, but it will do little for hardware sales. People need to remember that N64 and GC has these same games and they sold phenomenally, but each console still never did well in their lifetime. Considering that Wii-U is at half the sales GC was at this point in it's lifetime, I sincerely doubt both combined will push more than 1 - 2 million units for the rest of the consoles lifetime.

thehobbyist1607d ago

It sold 3 million consoles last year without any huge titles. I can't imagine it's sales with all the big stuff coming this year.

GamingTruth1608d ago

i would buy a wii u first and mostly for smash bros if anything

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