Alienware 17: Epic gaming power in beautiful package | USAT

Alienware, popular maker of gaming laptops, has never shied away from bold design choices to make its computers stand out in an otherwise dull category. They may not be suitable for the boardroom, but the company's fluorescent pops of color speak to the gamer community, and its top rigs—like the $2,449 Alienware 17 (Radeon R9 M290X version) are great, albeit expensive, choices for gamers who need power on the go.

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Lior1541d ago

So overpriced, Eurocom make way better laptops which you can upgrade

ThanatosDMC1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Agreed. Overpriced PoS.

SquidBuck1541d ago

I wouldn't say pos, but yes highly overpriced.

ninjahunter1541d ago

Generally Alienware has a bad performance/price ratio, but POS is far from wrong, Alienwares build quality is really good, Their laptops last a very long time.

jriquelme_paraguay1541d ago

i love my GT70 MSI with GTX780. 2kusd

kevnb1541d ago

I think these are great machines, but I prefer my big bulky rig that cost me far less.

NYC_Gamer1541d ago

I wouldn't buy any of the overpriced hardware that Alienware offers

barb_wire1541d ago

Ha Ha $2,450!! - build your own. Cheaper, better and upgradeable.

$2,450 indeed.. must think we have SUCKERS tattooed on our foreheads!

kevnb1541d ago

It's a laptop, and a completely decked out one at that. You can be a lot cheaper, especially if you don't go the laptop route.

dodgemoose1541d ago

Does anyone actually like all the lights and sh*t? I'd be embarrassed to use one of these at college.

ninjahunter1541d ago

Ive never met someone who bought a laptop with a backlit keyboard and didnt like it. Also, it can be turned off or customized to whatever you want.

Somebody1541d ago

My laptop has...had...a backlit keyboard. Initially I don't see the point of it but when they shorted out(my nephew poured water over it) I fumbled around in the dark. I actually missed it. Even with my MS Sidewinder keyboard and Razer keypad I feel somehow lost if I ever turn off the backlit. I would dim them down but never turn them off.

dodgemoose1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Was referring to the lights on the front of the laptop.

ninjahunter1540d ago

You can turn those off as well, or change the color, Or make the flash bright red for no apparent reason.

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