Top 9 Toughest Unlockables in Gaming

There’s something sadistically wonderful about spending hours, days, or months trying to obtain a “simple” unlockable in a video game. While many of the gaming secrets worthwhile are anything but simple they always come with a hefty amount of bragging rights and generally add a new element of gameplay to a game you may otherwise have been burnt out on. Here are a few of The Ultimate Gamer’s painfully favorite secrets in no particular order. Some are amongst the toughest unlockables out there and some simply made the list because it took us savvy gamers years to discover them.

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kaiserfranz1544d ago

I miss Wave Race and those games! I bet they would look amazing in next gen.

TheUltimateGamer1544d ago

Putting this list together was a lot of fun. Reminded me of some games that I haven't played in far too long. Busting out the 'ol 64 tonight :)

Garethvk1544d ago

Getting to them can be tough.

waltyftm1544d ago

Tofu!!!!! that was insane stuff.

nope1111544d ago

Haha, wow. I remember the Scarab gun.

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The story is too old to be commented.