Wii U Premium Bundle, Mario Kart 8 & free game only £199.00 at Tesco

Dealspwn reports: "Let's face it: you're about to buy a Wii U."

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Kinger89381609d ago

I took the plunge after seeing this via a forum i follow

I always toyed with the idea but this deal just made sense while there isn't a great amount for me coming up on ps4, seemed like a good time to go for it

geddesmond1609d ago

I'll buy the Wii U and all the games it has when its 100 euros

mikeslemonade1609d ago

The more price the mark downs the more tempted I get but the more I come to realization that the WiiU only has until 2015 before Nintendo drops support.

And sensor bar with annoying wii-motes doesn't help.

hkgamer1609d ago

A bunch of games, or a wiiU. I guess I have loads of wii controllers so I don't need to invest in any extra peripherals.

Tough choice. I think I may just holld back and wait for a cheaper bundle in the future, Most likely, I won't even touch the WiiU when it comes out.

colonel1791609d ago

I'll definitely buy a Wii U with Mario Kart, Wii Wheel and Wii Remote! (US). That's a great value, and an excellent game!!

Nintendo made the right decision to make the bundle!

Kinger89381609d ago

Indeed! Now to sort out a second controller etc for release :) any cool rpgs on the way for wii u?

wonderfulmonkeyman1609d ago

X from Monolith soft, Soul Saga, A Hat in Time, and all the rpg's you missed from the wii, which the wii u plays natively, unlike the rest.

BattleN1609d ago

Monolithsoft X, and SMT cross Fire Emblem ar 2 big ones.

thezeldadoth1609d ago

monster hunter 3 Ultimate is already out and awesome, X, child of light today. go back and buy xenoblade chronicles for the wii

thezeldadoth1609d ago

also a free game download code

Kinger89381608d ago

Thanks for the suggestions ill have a look! Mh3 has always interested me but it looks hard to get into but if i can get over that hurdle i would love it i bet