DriveClub Dev Explains Why Game Is 'Locked' At 30fps, No Real Time Day/Night Cycle, Details FAME

Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director at Evolution Studios explains the reason behind the 'locked' 30fps.

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Neonridr1542d ago

60 looks a lot nicer for racing games. Oh well.

ZodTheRipper1542d ago

Did you play NFS Rivals? It runs with locked 30fps and there aren't any problems with it. Now they have to deliver with the graphics because this has to look crazy good to justify the framerate.

gameseveryday1542d ago

I would take 30fps over 60fps IF it helps the game have intelligent AI and physics, and improved gameplay mechanics, two of the most important elements of AI.

But my honest opinion, and am sure I will get a lot of disagrees, Evolution does not seem to have done a great deal into adding new gameplay mechanics. It's still the same. Agreed the game looks astonishing, but the gameplay system is the same we saw at E3.

A little disappointed but I look forward to it nonetheless.

Neonridr1542d ago

I never said there are any problems with 30fps did I? I just said that 60 is a lot smoother for racing games.

I agree, no excuse to have this locked at 30fps unless they are pushing massive effects and graphics. That being said, the trailer from the other day looked gorgeous, and has got me interested in the game, and I don't usually like racing games.

Lior1542d ago

ahhh news flash need for speed rivals ran like crap and i stopped playing it on pc because they locked it to 30fps and i couldn't take it and went back to most wanted

GarrusVakarian1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Phew....thank the lord i read the article. I was panicking there for a minute. No day/night cycle would have been sooooo disappointing for me.

Lol at people below who didn't read the article.

Also, i am so glad it isn't dynamic, i remember Burnout Paradise had the option to race at the same time of day as it was where you lived...and i always found myself racing in the dark, because i played at night mostly.

Being able to choose for yourself is awesome!

ZodTheRipper1542d ago

Of course it has day/night cycle lol

It just won't connect to your real life time zone but honestly, who cares about that? It would take hours to see some changes.

GarrusVakarian1542d ago

Oops, i mean to say "I'm so glad it isn't real-time". My bad.

zeuanimals1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )


It's a racing game... What can you add to the gameplay without making it super arcadey, ie; Mario Kart, Sonic Racing Transformed, etc.

What they've made is looking to be the most visually impressive racing game ever, still would prefer 60fps though, but it's a semi-arcade racer. Sims NEED 60 because they're all about finesse, anything lower and you could miss your mark by milliseconds leading to spinouts, crashes, or any number of things. Arcade racers are much less punishing.

And improved gameplay mechanics rarely drop frames. The only things under "gameplay mechanics" that would drop frames would be physics and destruction, but physics and destruction wouldn't drop frames if they weren't graphically impressive.

johndoe112111541d ago

Agreed. Personally, I would really have preferred if they had it at 60fps but seeing that it's not they had better really bring it with the graphics.

In terms of the dynamic day/night cycles, I really don't see that as a problem. They said you cold set the cycle for yourself and that's fine.

Seriously, what's with the term " gameplay mechanics"? it's a car racing game. All car racing games do the same damn thing. You drive cars around a track until you win.

system221541d ago

need for speed has no excuse to be locked at 30 fps. its not pushing any hardcore physics, little to no AI. the car models are not super dense, nor the textures super high rez. if anything NFS should be the one running at 60 fps.

showtimefolks1541d ago

Rashid Sayed

i been on n4g for a long long time and you even when praising sony/playstation game still find a way to bash it. Its a racing game that is doing more team vs team(clan vs clan-6 vs 6)stuff

there is only so much you can do when its a racing game, gameplay wise. This is neither arcade nor sim so somewhere in the middle. Also in racing game the gameplay doesn't have to look interesting in a video trailer

we know its racing so we know what to expect, also most likely this will be very similar to what evolution studios have done in the past

They did hire many developers who use to work on PGR series for xbox so i think we will get the best of both worlds.

end of the day please just let the game release before bashing it or being negative about it. Its still months away from being released

Negative771541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

And now you all give DriveClub the "oh 30FPS is ok because......." treatment.

Typical N4G is typical.

SilentNegotiator1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Locked 30fps wouldn't exactly be a crime IF they hadn't told us that they were aiming for 60fps and made it sound like they were almost there.

And to the people who can't read; It has day/night cycles, but not REALTIME (linked to your time zone) day/night cycles. I know certain 1/2 bubble fanboys love to find the hypocrisy from PS fans, even where it doesn't exist.

ThunderSpark1541d ago

Oh boy, Look at all the XBox One fans rushing into a PS4 article not knowing how to read. Reading is fundamental to being an informed gamer. No wonder you guys bought Xbox Ones.

Omegasyde1541d ago

60 FPS is important for Fighting games, First person Shooters, and RACING GAMES.

60 fps give you a smoother experience and provides the gamer a more true sense of speed.

Plagasx1541d ago

Good thing NFS Rivals runs at 60fps on PC :)

traumadisaster1541d ago

Did you play NFS 60 or 120hz? Much better than 30 on PC.

Destrania1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

All the people attempting to downplay how incredible DriveClub looks or praising that Forza 5 runs at 60fps (fails-per-second) in comparison despite all its glaring issues are sickening to me. I love 60fps games as much as the next guy, but I'd rather have an astonishingly beautiful game that pushes the boundaries of GAMING than a last-gen capable p.o.s. with higher fps. Smh.

HollowedSoul141541d ago

why does 1080p on youtube look so garbage looks like 560p :( how much does youtube actually compress :( seems like alot and other question is why hasnt youtube made uncompressioned video uploads an option for under 3 min vids.

DevilOgreFish1541d ago

And That's why i also got a PC.

On PC 60 fps is in YOUR hands, not in someone else's.

ZodTheRipper1541d ago

Good luck playing Driveclub on your PC then ;)
I have a high end rig myself (currently enjoying Lichdom: Battlemage <3) but I'm still primarily a console gamer because of the exclusives.

HollowedSoul141541d ago

@DevilOgreFish yeah i wish you were right about pc fps being in our hands, but the cold hard truth is that alot of multiplat games for pcs revolve around their console counterparts.

assassin creed games (60 fps max )
gta 4 60 fps max
dark souls 1(??depends if you mod it ) and 2 (locked vsync 60fps)
and many more.
i wish pc gaming was as awesome as you make it out to be but unfortunately its not because if it was i wouldnt be playing dark souls 2 with gsync off(seems to be not supported:s)forced vsync with 60 fps cap that sttutters when random drops of 2-5 fps due to bs forced vsync with no sli (no profiles ) single 780ti classy running @<700mhz(1152mhz is what it should be) at 50% and cpu is barely utilized. no reason to cap the fps for that game.

yeah pc gaming has its perks but you're statement is completely incorrect. on average just like consoles the devs control the fps for pc gamers as well.

wont be surprised if watchdogs is capped at 60 but who knows which ubisoft shows up splinter cell black list or assassins creed 4 black flag, i hope its black list or better.

amiga-man1541d ago

For me this is no big deal graphics are what will draw me into the game and make it real, one of my favourite games from last gen Motorstorm ran at 30fps and was programmed by the same team and I had a blast, so really looking forward to what they do with this game

Can't wait to see myself drifting round some of those gorgeous mountain bends

pyramidshead1541d ago

If the gameplay we've seen so far(not to mention this was back in 2013) is 30fps, then I'm all for it, it looks and runs smooth.

Also lol @ gamingbolt. Way to journalism noobs. If it was real time, as IRL real time then you'd have to literally play it at night to do night racing lol.

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Magicite1541d ago

I will take DC with 30fps over forza with 60fps anytime.

system221541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

well you are entitled to your opinion but as a huge fan of racing sim games, my opinion is that forza has been one of the most consistently good console based ones... definitely better than the last couple gran turismos.... and also... are they even comparable? Im looking forward to DC as well but my concerns are that it won't be fully sim'd out like forza and GT. i don't want it to be like Grid, Dirt or NFS... especially since Sony couldn't get there s**** together to make GT6 a ps4 title.

i also find it funny that ps4 exclusive games are fine at 30fps but if its an xbox title running at 30fps its suddenly the the worst thing ever.

mcstorm1541d ago

@dmitrijs88 I agree with system22 about Forza 5 and what makes this game stand out over all other racing games is the AI system. I'm loving Forza 5 because of it. As for the 30fps side of driver club I don't see it being an issue if its been done anything like Forza Horizon as for me this was the most fun and one of the best looking racing games last gen. Looking forward to driver club but I am finding it funny how people change their tune on here with regards to it not being 1080p 60fps as that is all fan boys have been bitching about for months now.

FPS and RES is not what makes a game its the game play and if they have nailed that then 60 or 30 cps 720 or 1080p it dose not matter.

rdgneoz31541d ago

"well you are entitled to your opinion but as a huge fan of racing sim games, my opinion is that forza has been one of the most consistently good console based ones"

If you ignore the fact that 5 is a huge downgrade from 4 then sure, you're free to your opinion. Though GT is the only racing sim that has produced real race car drivers.

As for 30 FPS, the PS4 games that run at 30 FPS are in 1080p (with multiplat counterparts are 720p or 900p).


Its that n4g logic...damage control for Sony, flame MS

1541d ago
bmx_bandit1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

So let me get this straight:

You prefer to wait till DC gets released instead of enjoying a nice racing game you can play since the last 6 months or so every day.

Thats a weird fanboy logic. Only happens on N4PSG.

corvusmd1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Have you already played DriveClub? How did you get your hands on it? I'm sure DC will be a great game...I can't help but notice though how many people were criticizing Forza for much after nearly a year a of delay, DC actually has a worse framerate in order to get the same res. Maybe since the smart AI for Forza 5 is controlled by the cloud it doesn't tax the system like it does for DC, just a thought, but maybe that's why they had to drop the framerate after promising it was close to 60. I don't have any inside knowledge, just a theory at this point.

Again, not trying to hate on this game. If you love racers, I'm sure the difference between 60 and 30 won't stop you from having fun with this one...all I'm saying is let's keep the criticism and praise fair.

rdgneoz31541d ago

@N64fan Didn't mention graphics even though E3 to release was a big difference (the hit was so they could make it 1080p/60 fps), but more like content... 14 tracks and just over 200 cars. where as 4 has about 26 tracks and 500 cars. Throw in micro-transactions for good measure too, with initial low payouts making you grind or buy with real money.

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killzone6191541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

"Locked' At 30fps"

no buy. 60fps for racers is a must! Sorry but console gamers need to realize 30fps for racers just doesnt cut it; Hence why GT and Forza are 60fps...

Forza 5 > Driveclub

koston36471541d ago

I get my enjoyment from PLAYING the game...
not counting the number of frames rendered with a stopwatch

I think millions are going to have fun PLAYING Driveclub
a truly Next Generation Racing Game on PS4

am I wrong?

specialguest1541d ago

I completely agree. For realistic racing games(doesn't necessarily have to be a strict sim), 60fps is a must. We've had 60fps for racing games since the freakin PS2 days on GT3. 60fps is more important on a racing game than other genres because a huge part of the experience is the thrill and sense of speed. The game is about racing. Racing is about speed!

Forget about running this game on Project Morpheus. At 30fps, it ain't happening or at least not ideal. Games need to run at 60fps to prevent motion sickness due to less stutter and choppiness.

tee_bag2421541d ago

Agree .. 30 FPS in a driver is massive taboo.

memots1541d ago

most racing game on the last 2 gen were 30 fps and it didnt stop anyone from enjoying them.

Project gotham racing come to mind.

30fps with no dip in frame rate is key to keep it smooth.

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Farsendor11541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

i swear i thought we was getting realtime day/night cycles or at least i thought we were. i know we are getting d/n cycle.

gapecanpie1541d ago Show
Fluke_Skywalker1541d ago

Driving games are the one genre where I would say 60fps is an absolute must.
Sorry Driveclub, I'll play the PS+ version but unless it's the best thing I've ever played, I won't be buying.

LonDonE1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

agreed, after playing forza 5 for the last week at 60fps native 1080p with stunning car models, and a great physics system and with awesome looking tracks i would be a liar if i didnt say i was dissapointed!

Why cant they make it 60fps and just cut some of the eye candy? frame rate in a racer is so much more important! i dont care if the fanboys vote me down!
Sersiously while i prefer the Gran Turismo series over forza, it is still a great racing game.
Forza 5 is so obviously rushed, but if they could manage 60fps native 1080p i see no reason why drive club should be any less.

I know all the fanboys will start to point out the lack of dynamic everything in forza 5, but regardless it looks and feels STUNNING! seriously i have been on Microsoft's case since the X1 launch, but finally took the plunge and bought a X1 after being satisfied the red ring of death wasn't about to repeat, so now as with all the previous generations i own EVERY PLATFORM and the X1 has changed my mind some what.

Its got problems and MS have made a royal cock up of everything but i am pretty sure the X1 will improve in performance over time as the dev tools improve and developers use the esram properly.
Obviously not to the level of the PS4 performance but improved, either way it will have great games just like my wii u has and PS4 and even PS3.

I just think 60fps can immerse u more when it comes to racing games, and while its not a deal breaker it is a shame nonetheless.
Playing forza 5 has got me foaming at the mouth at the thought of what the next Gran Turismo game will be like on PS4.

I would gladly buy Gran Turismo 6 remade like a GT6 A-SPEC version on PS4 running at a silky smooth 60fps native 1080p with some new cars and tracks thrown in for the mean while till the full GT7 is released on PS4.

Aceman181541d ago

Slightly disappointed but only slightly. This does not damper my eagerness for this game in the least.

I see this as one of those can't win situations because if they do 60fps and the visual quality takes a slight hit people b*tch. So I'm glad they didn't cave in and kept to the vision that they wanted THEIR game to be.

1541d ago
Tontus1541d ago

30fps with good motion-blur > 60fps without.

Just looks so much smoother and more lifelike, 60fps looks unnatural to me unless it has really good motion-blur effects and most games on consoles that are running at 60fps don't have any motion-blur.

tee_bag2421541d ago

Bahahaha yep... Nice try but no

1541d ago Replies(1)
mickaelmc1541d ago

I COMPLETELY AGREE. For racing games, 60fps is more important than 1080p. But sadly there's a very small but loud and retarded group that seems to think that 1080p is 10x better than 720p and it's more important than frame rate. When it comes to most games, ESPECIALLY racing games, it should really be about a steady frame rate as high as technically feasible.

callahan091541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I *vastly* prefer the day/night cycle features of this game to the so-called "dynamic" option. Why would I want to only be able to play in daylight when it's daylight outside, or play a night-race when it's nighttime in real life? That makes no sense to me. I mean, having the option to set the in-game time to the real-world time would certainly be cool, but as a feature, it's one that isn't nearly as cool or important as actually being able to manually choose and set the in-game time at will, which is what Drive Club is letting us do! That's amazing, actually. Want to drive at 8am? Go for it! Want to drive at midnight? You can do that too! Want to speed up the passage of time so you start a race at noon and end it at midnight? You can do that too! That's a really cool, really powerful feature!

That said, I am a programmer, and I have no idea why they can't do this so-called real-time/dynamic day/night cycle. It would easy... They've already got the functionality to manually set the start time of a race, and the functionality to set the rate of time lapse... All they have to do is, when you go to the race setup screen, pre-populate the start time with the actual time of your PS4's clock, and set the time lapse to real-time rate. Done. Just default those options to the settings that would indicate "real-time" and you're all set, it should be a piece of cake to program that.

Neonridr1541d ago

Absolutely. A dynamic would be very pointless. Being able to experience a shift whenever you want makes it so much more enjoyable.

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nicksetzer11542d ago

Hmmm ... after all that whining about forza having no day/night cycle, this is kind of ironic.

Kayant1542d ago

Haha so true I was quite an offender I admit :p. I have learnt a lot and grown since then.

For people that will be disappointed hope is not completely lost you get half of it ;) -
"We allow you to customise the start time and the time compression (time lapse) in every race you set up, so you have lots of flexibility yourself"

Kayant1542d ago

Actually it does the player just gets to set how it works still Forza 5 don't deserve all the bashing back there.

"We allow you to customise the start time and the time compression (time lapse) in every race you set up, so you have lots of flexibility yourself" - So player gets to set it, it's not linked to your actual time zone or controlled by the devs.

pyramidshead1541d ago

The question was about matching the real life time of your PS4, not in game. The day/night cycles are there.

For example you'd have to wait until 10pm+ to actually drive in the dock if you wanted it to be in real life authentic day/night cycle.

MorePowerOfGreen1542d ago

Why were the devs showing showing day and night cycle videos? Must of been trolling forza on sony's part. First sony and devs lie about Killzone multi player resolution and now this trickery. Makes you wonder what else sony is lying about. Does Sony know xb1 resolution issues are from unfinished dev kits? And not power yet still manipulates the fanboys with res wars? This will be swept under the rug and ignored with a free pass as always

scott1821542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Don't get too excited now, the game has day/night cycles. But the times of the cycle wont be dynamic, the time and rate of cycle will be up to the player when setting up the race, per the article.

CocoWolfie1542d ago

yeah in article he just says its not linked to your time zone... but you can change it and it will change dynamically as shown before

GarrusVakarian1542d ago

Hey MPOG.....try reading the article before you go into conspiracy theory mode.

Dlacy13g1542d ago

So there will be day and night races...just no transition from day to night during the race or night to day.

scott1821542d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

there actually will be a "cycle" from day to night or night to day. But it's not pre programmed to be dynamic like Gran Turismo.
They explain it at point 2 on this blog.

When referring to video from the plastation blog they said "Accelerating the speed of time is something you can choose to adjust before you race"

From the gamingbolt article "We allow you to customise the start time and the time compression (time lapse) in every race you set up, so you have lots of flexibility yourself.”

GarrusVakarian1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )


That is so awesome. Being able to choose for yourself each and every race. Oh man, i am so happy about that. I'm just going to be constantly setting it to dawn with fast time acceleration, every race, watching the sun rise. Great feature.

carlosjrix1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Yep..Sony keeps the hype until the last moment, does not meet expectations, then the fans go in full control damage... Welcome to n4g.

its_JEFF1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

@Lukas Ppffft... U know Trolls don't read!!! MPOG only goes to PS4 related articles to try and convince people that Sony is a HORRIBLE company that LIES all the time. Nothing like that other company!

Keep fighting the good fight!

GarrusVakarian1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )


First of all it's 'damage control', not "control damage", lmao.

Secondly, correcting people about something they are wrong about because they are too damn lazy to read the article is not damage controlling, it's called telling the truth/stating fact.

Ron_Danger1541d ago

Guys I figured it out... The article is displayed at 1080 so the MS fanboys couldn't read it.

I think my comment was about as annoying and childish as all the MS fanboy comments on this page...

Keep moving those goal posts MS fanboys. Someday you'll get something worth bragging about...

styferion1541d ago

ah, someone who embarass himself by not reading the article..

it has day/night cycle

Muzikguy1541d ago

There is day/night cycle. I see a lot of spin up there. Not pointing fingers, but one side has definitely been caught "lying" more than the other. If these 2 tiny reasons are all one has against Sony, I'll take them. I don't have time to worry about all that trivial nonsense though, time to go to work

Neonridr1541d ago

@Lukas - don't laugh, maybe English isn't carlosjrix's first language (entirely plausible).

That being said, it's amazing how many people didn't read the actual article. They read the title, and only managed to get "No daytime/nightime cycle" out of it, completely omitting the word realtime from their brain.

carlosjrix1541d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus sorry, English is not my main language, no need to use that against me or my statement.. "lmao"

@Neonridr yes, i read the article.. and thanks for understanding./

DoesUs1541d ago

What's this? MPOG in a PS4 thread! But but I never go in PS4 articles! How's that's powah gap going for you lately? But but the dev tools, they're unfinished!


pyramidshead1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Lmfao nice try morepoweroftroll.

Guess you didn't read the article. Epic backfire on your part. Delicious.

Looking forward to those day/night cycles that AREN'T correlated with the time on my PS4 ;).

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FITgamer1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Maybe i misunderstood the article, but there is still day/night cycles, they just aren't linked to real world time cycles.

@Outside Thanks for the link. Them click bait titles.