Hearthstone – Lay Your Cards Out, Review from @IM_PLAYIN

Taken from IM PLAYIN

"To start, I’ll state some of my previous Blizzard history… I did play World of Warcraft for many years back in the day. However, by always changing my character, I was never the highest level among my peers but I definitely saw more of the classes than most. I was also a huge fan of the Warcraft RTS games which introduced me to the franchise and I still hold them up as probably the best RTS games I have played and are definitely my favorite games in the genre. Why am I telling you this? Well if you were unaware, Hearthstone uses the same lore as that of Warcraft and while having knowledge of the characters is in no way essential, it can help to make the game that little bit more special and memorable, especially if you have played both the RTS and MMO, like me."

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incendy351486d ago

I was so reluctant to try this game, but now I am hooked. It is brilliant.

Th4Freak1486d ago

Its very fun but its pay to win so I just stopped playing it.

kevnb1486d ago

i win more than i lose, and i didnt pay much at all. Bought maybe 2 packs

Th4Freak1486d ago

@kevnb Do you play ranked? I've never seen someone who didn't buy packs or spent a insane amount of time playing that has reached Legendary.

Right now i'm stuck at ranked 16.

ipach1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

yeah, i almost think the game would be more endearing if it wasn't a collectable card game and simply a game with fixed decks... as you move along, so many 'i win' cards end up filling all the decks.. it gets a bit out of hand.