PlayStation Releases for May 2014

PlayStationing writes: "There was a decent selection of games in April, but usually after the quality in March, April can’t really keep up. However, May is a different story."

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KwietStorm1604d ago

Damn is it really May already?

XtraTrstrL1604d ago

MLB 14 is a PS exclusive?

BlakHavoc1604d ago

Yessir, it's developed by Sony San Diego.

XtraTrstrL1604d ago

Pretty cool, looking like it's coming along nicely too.

NovusTerminus1604d ago

Drakengard 3 and Watch_Dogs, it's all I'm getting this month.

Saddly they are both at the end of the month.

Rickgrimes951604d ago

Really wish watch dogs was here already

Bhuahahaha1604d ago

oh mugensoul z and dragengard on the same day
choices choices ...which will i pick up first

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