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Sean Cleaver: "Lords of the Fallen has already had its share of comparisons, and it’s easy to see why. Being treated to a demonstration of a level following the anti-hero Harkyn, the new game from Deck 13/CI Games could easily be accused of ‘ripping off’ other franchises like Dark Souls, Darksiders and the like. Even the executive producer Tomasz Gop was formerly involved in The Witcher series. So it’s something they freely recognise but want to distance themselves from."

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ThePowerpuffGirl1419d ago

Good article. Any info is good info, especially since we coddle recently.;) Cool shown fight in the last gameplay, will not be mindless chaff. Only tactics, learning and experience.

Aon1413d ago

Yes I agree with you. Good article with a lot of good information about Lords of the Fallen. I want to see how looks magic spells and what we can do use them.