What Inquisition Needs To Take From Dragon Age II

Shaun Kellett: "With the internet understandably hyped for Dragon Age: Inquisition, thanks to an awesome looking trailer recently, I thought now would be a good time to make a confession; I enjoyed Dragon Age II more than I did Dragon Age: Origins.

I’m well aware it’s not a popular opinion, and I’m fully prepared to be told I’m wrong, but the truth of the matter is I finished Dragon Age II, and even started a second playthrough, whereas Origins lost me fairly early on in the game with little desire to return. For what its worth, I don’t believe I gave Origins the time it deserved – it lost me in that boring and badly designed set of levels where you enter The Fade; an area I wish I’d never stepped into and which made me lose all motivation to ever load up my save. That said, there was something about Dragon Age: Origins that never truly clicked with me in any of my times playing it."

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