Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle pre-orders open

Retailers are now starting to take pre-orders for the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle – just announced today.

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josephayal1422d ago

Nice bundle, it should've been $180 imo

italiangamer1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Yeah why just don't give them for free?? Seriously how are they gonna make a profit if the price was $180?!

josephayal1422d ago

Nintendo has no choice but to get more aggressive on the Wii U

Army_of_Darkness1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

selling at $180 is better than not selling at all.

$329?! damn, I'd rather save $70 more and get a ps4 instead.

N4g_null1422d ago

Good luck playing mariokart on the ps4 lol. Any way I'd rather buy 64 gigs of ram for my computer at $400 than get 8 for the ps4. 8 gigs of gddr5 must be cheap now since video cards have that for under $300 hmmmmm.

Plus there is nothing fun on the ps4 it's a dust collector. They should have waited and got over the 3 teraflops spec if they wanted to be high end.

Good luck playing with your specs... we will be playing games.

I think I'm gifting two of those bundles so I better get ordering! Don't worry you will have watch dogs and some over priced dlc to buy.

filchron1421d ago

Because nintendo showed us they dont want to make a profit when they came out with this console that they know DOES NOT capture the imaginations of gamers like other more valuable consoles are doing (value features-wise and future game prospect wise)

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BattleN1422d ago

Xbone at that price would be an instant buy from me bundled with Knack that is!

choujij1422d ago

Not to nitpick, but I think you mean "Kinect".

BoneBone1422d ago

Why, just so YOU can afford it! Pay for things like everyone else has to, freeloader.

filchron1421d ago

no, because THATS what its actually worth. a pure games machine should never be more than 200$, a multimedia machine with mature games and stories to actually capture gamers imaginations? that's another story;)

fonger081422d ago

I just curious... where did you pull $180 from? That just seems so random...

randomass1711422d ago

Sheesh Josephayal, why don't you ask Nintendo to bankrupt themselves and give away their offices to the public? The bundle gets you a game, a console, two controllers and a free game with registering MK8. How is that not a good value for what it's at now?

N4g_null1422d ago

Whoa isn't that exactly what sony is doing! Whoa who needs fans like that! He is part of the new type of fan gamers that helps companies shut down. Behold the birth of the deathcore! They have been shutting down companies since the atari 2600 or maybe the intelevision who knows but we finally get to see the thinking that causes a crash! Thank you fellow sony fan. I've been playing sony console since ps1 and own a sony stereo receiver and a large screen trinitron display! Yet sony has lost their way. That sony sound chip in the snes was why I bought it over a crap sounding genesis. I wait 4 gens for a collection of good games and all I got was god of war lol. Please sony listen to the gamers who got bored of the ps2 near the end and didn't get a ps3 till the end. We need you to compete game play wise with Nintendo not pr wise.

I want a ps4 bundle like this mariokart bundle with a game I know I'll play for more than half a year!

Stop listening to the death core gamers. Those guys just want pc games and are just to cheap. Sony use to be high end... why are they low end now!

animegamingnerd1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

nah it should be $5 cause why the hell not XD

deafdani1422d ago

And include a free Lamborghini while we're at it.

3-4-51422d ago

You can get a Less powerful gaming machine, the 3DS, for around $180.

Why would they charge the same for their more powerful console ?

Do you people even think logically about what your typing before you type it?

Neonridr1422d ago

logic... N4G....

those two things go together about as well as oil and water do.

Apex131422d ago

you talk so a load of ....

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maniacmayhem1422d ago

Damn, that's a good deal. Note to self...never pick up a console first day...NEVER!

fonger081422d ago

Seriously... I have to stop that too.

randomass1711422d ago

Guess I lucked out then lol. at least you still get the free game, right? :)

ScubaSteve11422d ago

Well looks like we aren't getting a limited edition

GamingSinceThe80s1422d ago

Wow only $330.00 and it comes with a red Mario wii remote. Red steering wheel,mario kart 8 and a down load code for Zelda WW,nsmb,Pikmin 3,or Wii party U.Hell of a deal!

wonderfulmonkeyman1422d ago

Sonic lost world is also an option.

Neonridr1422d ago

really? I never saw that. How do you know Sonic is an option?

wonderfulmonkeyman1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Because it showed it in the UK Mariokart Direct.
Look to the left-hand side of the video near its end, when they're talking about the bundle.^_-

--Onilink--1422d ago

Sonic is only an option for the UK, in US its just those 4

Kinger89381422d ago

£199 at tesco with a £20 off code when you spend over £150! Think it adds the voucher when you go to checkout if not its on the site

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