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Techland: We were strongly limited by old gen hardware in Hellraid

Techland explains why Hellraid was being held back by old generation hardware, while the transition to next gen will allow to overcome them. (Hellraid, Marcin Kruczkiewicz, PC, PS4, Techland, Xbox One)

Festano  +   527d ago
Use the new graphics engine should, we hope for a good job to take advantage of new hardware console.
vlashyr  +   527d ago
This looks like it can be very fun, cannot wait for the PC version.
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Aurenar  +   527d ago
The screenshots look nice for sure, and I love hack&slash games! Can't wait to try it.
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Farsendor1  +   527d ago
some cool videos on youtube showing this game off, im looking forward to it.

seriously i say that i love because im always looking forward to new releases and more games.
TheUltimateGamer  +   527d ago
I'm looking forward to what can be done with the new tech. We should be seeing a lot more companies starting to take advantage of it rather than depending on what they know.
Imp0ssibl3  +   527d ago
Looks promising!
Meltic  +   527d ago
wtf happend to dying light the zombie game ? no damn news
Meltic  +   527d ago
Thanks didint see that :)
BattleTorn  +   527d ago
He's got a point though, beside the 1day old article you linked second, N4G hasn't had a Dying Light article for 33days.
Palitera  +   527d ago
No problem. I feel the same way.
BattleN  +   527d ago
We’re constantly pushing forward with more detailed 3D models, textures in higher resolution, more complex special and particle effects, or advanced AI algorithms. It was rather simple on PC, yet we were strongly limited by hardware on the previous generation of consoles. Now, because the game is coming to PC and the next-gen consoles, we can focus on making the game with no worries about hardware limitations.

I'm sure this could run on 360 fine just. Only difference would be AI and texture quality. I hate when developers state that there game wouldn't be possible on a specific platform when in reality it could all be scaled to run on it.
ricochetmg  +   527d ago
they are really going to hate the one....i kid #nextgen is here for us all
BattleTorn  +   527d ago
drop old gen then!

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