DRIVECLUB Update from Evolution Studios

The development team reveals the incredible progress that has been made on PS4's upcoming socially connected racer.

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Kayant1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Haha nice :p - More soon™...

showtimefolks1609d ago

Can't wait more development time will mean better game and more of a game that the developers originally envisioned

people were hating on the game but it looks to me as the delay has done nothing but help the game. Can't wait till october. Psn-Plus edition for free but will buy the full game to support evolution studios(very under rated sony team)

Destrania1609d ago

This game's going to be mind-blowing. Unbelievably psyched for it.

InMyOpinion1609d ago

Or it's going to be underwhelming. I'm a PS4 owner but I'm trying to be rational about it. The early gameplay videos I saw didn't impress me. The framerate was choppy and it seemed unresponsive.

I really hope they have fixed all this but I want to see proper gameplay videos and know more about how its career / MMO modes work before I buy into the hype.

showtimefolks1609d ago

i don't think you should worry about Frame rate, the game is still months away from being released so everything should be good.

Driving wise is evolution studios, this game isn't gonna be easy so people who want to complain can start now. Play motorstorm and the game AI kicks your ass Demon's soul style lol

Evolution studios have a long history with driving games, plus few years back they hired a lot of developers who use to wok on PGR for xbox(so the development team has the racing DNA)

InMyOpinion1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

I love all those games you mentioned so now I'm getting hyped for other reasons :)

PGR on the Dreamcast wasn't exactly easy but I loved it still. Also enjoyed PGR 2 on the Xbox which was a bit easier. Love Dark Souls and I liked what I played of Motorstorm, so now it went up a notch on my hype-o-meter :)

HaveAsandwich1609d ago

expect less, and get more.

OrangePowerz1609d ago

Still no info on the supported wheels :(

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

There will be steering wheel supports! thrustmaster is releasing a driveclub edition wheel according to their website. Thrustmaster is the only one i seen!

OrangePowerz1609d ago

I'm aware of the Thrustmaster support. I meant they didn't talk about any other wheels yet. I want to use my fanatec csw with it.

Sevir1609d ago

6 on 6 races... 12 player races confirmed... i'm kinda sad that clubs will only hold 6 players max...

Guess i'll start the #N4G_Vagaurdsn :)

InMyOpinion1609d ago

I think that depends on how the gameplay is built. 6 on 6 might be perfect for how the game is designed and intended to play.

We will just have to wait to find out.

Budobear1609d ago

Only 6 per club....... Hmmmmm that's a bit low isn't it (I'm sure something came out recently that had teams of 6 taking on other teams of 6, and loads of people seemed to think that we to low)

OrangePowerz1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

The way people race online it's hard enough for them to not hit someone even if there is only one other car on tracks.

In a racing game 12 cars online is an ok number. So let's not make some apples with oranges comparison here.

showtimefolks1609d ago

you are comparing a FPS to a Racer?

6/6 is the best for racing IMO because you can have a close group of racers in your team of 6 and can race others who are serious. This way there are no fill in's within the clubs

Budobear1609d ago

I wasn't comparing it to anything else, it was a lame joke or dig at those that do! I'm looking forward to the game, hope it works with my wheel but I am disappointed a club is only for 6. I'm part of a big clan, that has a big racing contingent and groups of 6 will be a bit of a nightmare.

fenome1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

12 cars on a cliff-edged snowy road sounds like an alright number to me. It's not Daytona, it could turn into a real fustercluck quick when your drifts keep getting interrupted by someone that bounces off you trying to get around the corner 'cause they don't know how to do it right..

Budobear1608d ago

12 on a track is ok, but only 6 per club or team seems to low but then I don't see any way round it, as this sort of club thing hasn't been done in a racing game before to my knowledge (though I'm happy to be corrected if wrong)

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