Video Game Violence and Responsibility

From the article, "Much has been said on the topic of video games and violence. [Jerimiah Mueller is] not going to quote a bunch of statistics with varying degrees of validity and subjectivity, nor am I going to debate the merits of one study over another. Rather, I’m going to discuss my personal view on the matter based on my own experience growing up as a gamer.

You see that picture up there? That Xbox 360 controller and Berretta PX4 Storm are both mine. Not only am I a life-long gamer, but also a gun owner. I have been playing violent games longer than many gamers have even been alive."

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KinjoTakemura1270d ago

"Don’t blame Activision, or Rockstar, or EA; blame yourself for how you raise your child. Blame your friends for how they raise their children. If they show signs something isn’t right, don’t ignore them and let them hide in the virtual world. Be there for them, listen to them. Don’t pretend nothing is wrong and then blame the video games, guns, and music when they do something terrible. Get them the help they need now. Be there for them, pay attention to them. Be a parent. Infinity Ward isn’t ruining a generation of children. You are."

This is the last paragraph of the article and it's nothing but the truth.