Will Nintendo Make a Smartphone?

Nintendo isn't having the best time of it at the moment - no matter how cool Mario Kart 8 looks. With stalling sales of its Wii U console and a severe dearth of games for the living room machine on the horizon, it's looking a little bleak for the Japanese gaming giant's future.

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Geobros1606d ago

No way. We don't need another more smartphone, we need video game consoles....

fr0sty1605d ago

They'd do better to release software for smart phones than to try to compete against people who have been designing fully featured operating systems for many years. They need to focus on games and putting out consoles that can compete.

randomass1711605d ago

A Nintendo mobile phone would be interesting, but unless it ran on iOS or Android, it probably wouldn't make much traction and wind up like Xperia Play. :(

finito821605d ago

lol wow really , no thanks sry

mamotte1605d ago

Because the 3DS sales mean nothing at all.

ZeroAtmin1605d ago

I think they're just gonna remove their whole console regime and stick to portables

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1605d ago

I think that a stupid thing to do

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The story is too old to be commented.