Nobuo Uematsu’s favorite Final Fantasy tune?

Nobuo Uematsu enlightens interviewers in a quiz panel that took place to promote the release of his newest collaborative album, 'Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX'. He also took the time to explain the meaning behind one of Final Fantasy 8's songs.

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1543d ago Replies(2)
kythlyn1543d ago

Interrupted by Fireworks really is a beautiful track.

McScroggz1543d ago

Awakening from Final Fantasy VI. Literally perfect.

cyguration1543d ago

I always felt like FFVI was like his magnum opus. Even to be on the SNES the soundtrack to that game was unbelievably heartfelt.

Nate-Dog1543d ago

I concur with all the thoughts here. VI has one of my most favourite OSTs in gaming.