PS4 1.7 Firmware Update Makes Using DualShock 4 in Remote Play a Lot Easier (And it Looks Beautiful)

If you like playing with your PS4 while sitting on the toilet, but really don't like missing your triggers, there are good news, as the combination between the PS4 firmware update 1.7 and the 3.15 update for the PS Vita made playing in remote play with a DualShock 4 a lot easier.

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Neonridr1537d ago

The one feature I hate about Remote play was the lack of dual triggers on the Vita. This way is so much better, although a little awkward for me to try to play in bed.

Maybe a 3rd party attachment will spring up with will allow you to connect your dual shock to your Vita. One that doesn't require rubber bands, lol.

GameSpawn1537d ago

You can try velcro cable ties like this guy and his daughter did:

If you're savvy with cad and have access to a 3D printer you can try and make an attachment that way too.

DemonChicken1537d ago

Just realised that this would actually be similar and rival to the nvidia shield with the controller, pretty awesome feature XD

Although would like a secure one so that the vita doesn't suddenly kaput on the floor =p

BiggCMan1537d ago

I'm just trying to figure out what's different here? What I was doing before was while having my Vita on a different account than my main PS4 one, I would remote play on the PS4 with that same Vita account. Then press the home button on the dualshock to switch back to my main account which would show on the Vita.

This article seems to say the same thing, and it still prevents me from having my main account on my Vita which is annoying because I want it there to play Vita games. I have to reformat it and switch the memory card around and all that crap just to get my main account back on the Vita.

But then I can't remote play with the dualshock that way and it sucks. If i'm doing something wrong, can someone tell me? I really wish that Vita TV would come to the US.

cluckey071537d ago

This is a great feature. I wish they would let me link the PS4 controller to my vita and play with the controller.

Omar911537d ago

Woww I didnt even know that was part of the update. Thats actually pretty awesome because I usually get cramps when playing with my vita. Using a ds4 will make me play it more

Foraoise1537d ago

You were always able to use the DS4 during remote play.

Omar911537d ago

yes but am I able to use my DS4 with the same account that I have my ps4 account with? I just tried it out and it seems like I can only use it while my DS4 is in a different account. Thats cool but I won't be able to continue where I left off in the games I have in my main account.

Foraoise1537d ago

Nope. And you still can't.

Rivitur1537d ago

Finally my hands were getting numb playing the vita on the crapper now I can put it on a stand and play some games!

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The story is too old to be commented.