Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is Content Complete, Going Alpha

Gameranx: "Dragon Age: Inquisition is content complete and is well on its way to becoming Alpha."

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Axonometri1424d ago

So your saying there is a chance? Alright! I was instantly attached to this game on that recent trailer. Sounds like it might just make projected release if it stays on track.

AnEwGuY1424d ago

Wait...they just recently announced the release date is Oct. 2014, yet with 6 months to go, they're just entering (their version) of alpha? So, it's safe to assume the most EA-published games of late...will lack polish, and be a bug-fest.

styferion1424d ago

Titanfall alpha is late January, released March 11, and I don't see anyone complaining lack of polish or bug-fest..

porkChop1424d ago

The game itself wasn't actually in alpha in January. There was just a closed alpha using an old build, and then a beta again using an old build.

Bebedora1424d ago

An RPG needs more polish than fix a polygon, bro.

porkChop1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Yeah normally a game would be in beta at this point and would be in the polishing stage. At this rate they're not going to have any time for bug fixing/QA.

Also, this title is incorrect. It says the game is content complete yet on David Gaider's blog he very clearly says in the first 2 sentences:

"We’re on the road to Alpha, also known as “Content Complete”. So there’s still new content being created, but at this point it’s more about dealing with the content we have and getting it all to work."

showtimefolks1424d ago

really looking forward to this game, it seems like Bioware have took all the negative feedback from dragon age 2 and have tried to improve it

Bercilak1424d ago

“It’s not a process that any fan will truly understand. They’re usually oblivious to what’s going on, harping on what color the sails should be while the hull is rapidly leaking water. Which is a strange dissonance from our perspective, let me tell you.”

Pompous, arrogant jackass.

SuicidalTendencies1424d ago

When do they reach the point of removing content from the game to sell as overpriced DLC? I guess it would be called "going greed".

dreamoner1424d ago

Haha, at least there won't be dlc-exclusive companion this time.

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