Sony 'Not Worried' About Big Brands for Project Morpheus

VRFocus - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that he is ‘not worried’ about securing ‘big brands’ for the upcoming Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset for PlayStation 4. The SCE figurehead reasoned that franchises like Call of Duty could attract attention to the headset, but would need time and work to properly fit the technology.

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THC CELL1604d ago

In other words cod would have to be exclusively made for the headset?

DigitalRaptor1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

It's as important for Sony to have big brands behind Morpheus, as much as the unique, original experiences.

They may say different, but they need to sell it to devs like Bethesda for the next FALLOUT game or DICE for Mirror's Edge. If these companies don't provide Oculus support, the PC community will do it for them, and it would be a big missed opportunity for Sony.

So the strategy should always be to entice large third-party publishers, but concentrate on that by leading by example with first party studios as well as letting indie developers go crazy with the tech.

Joe9131603d ago

I doubt that will happen would really depend on how well VR take off since they would have to rebuild the game from ground up in VR it would have to be separated from what comes to the regular console and I do not see any studio doing that unless the headsets sell a lot.

ballisticvoodoo1603d ago

VR support tossed in for the big franchise games will make the headset feel like a gimmick. Games need to made from the ground up specifically for VR. It's nice to see Sony taking that approach with Morpheus.

mogwaii1603d ago

They need to attract big devs and indies alike, its just stupid to play the completely indie card ad nausium, i love my ps4 and sonys dedication to indies but there needs to be a balance and inclusion of some big names too. Im frankly a little worried for the first time about the future of ps4.

Joe9131603d ago

I don't think there is nothing to worry about the short Indie games like gone home will sell the headset and then that is going to get the big titles on the headset big studio's is not going to touch this until it takes off if every ps4 user go get one or maybe even half(by the time the headset comes out) that may be enough for big studio's to jump on but if they do not sell then it will be like the wii u the problem is the gamers are not going to buy it unless price is right and there are a bunch of games for it and the big studio's do not want to make games for it unless it sells a lot so that is where the Indies come in cause I think once you try the headset it will sell you on the idea of VR and Indies for now can do that.