PS4 1.7 Firmware Causing Black Screen & Flickering, Fixes Trophy Syncing & File Corruption Issues

"The new firmware update 1.7 is live for the PlayStation 4 and brings a ton of new features such as an option to disable HDCP, export clips to USB and more."

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Septic1567d ago

AH this blinking problem is weird. I haven't tried it myself just yet (will do so in a bit) but I was getting that blinking when I was trying to bypass the HDCP protection using a splitter before this update. Hopefully I don't suffer from this. Sounds like isolated cases for now anyway.

GarrusVakarian1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I turned off HDCP, ive had no flickering or anything. Haven't seen anyone on the NeoGAF thread mention any flickering or black screens either either. Let's hope it stays isolated.

One thing i have noticed though is that since updating, the whole UI seems even faster than it was before. Browsing my hundreds of pics, the PS store, the what's new page all loads instantly.

Farsendor11567d ago

i have noticed things moving faster also, so far i havent had any issues while playing games so far so good.

bleedsoe9mm1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

i agree about the UI must be caching more or accessing faster , my list of games is pretty long and they are appearing much faster . thought they would be dimming the light a little more not much difference between normal and dim , might be a bigger difference in a really dark room

JoySticksFTW1567d ago

Either way proof or not, I never do these updates right away if I can help it. Let others beta test it for you. Don't be a victim

DemonChicken1567d ago

Want to confirm that personally it's all is a ok on my side, no issues! =)

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Palitera1567d ago

To fix the flickering, go into the system’s Video Output settings and disable “Deep Color".

liquidhalos1566d ago

Ive had a really annoying problem trying to sign into PSN since the update. My ps4 takes about 5 minutes to login from start up, if i try to do it manually it boots me back to the dynamic boot screen and i have to logout to get functionality back. Im paranoid as hell now incase the system bricks on me.

nosferatuzodd1566d ago

set deep color to off that should fix it sony will of to send out a new update soon

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AceBlazer131567d ago

So an isolated incident with no pics for proof. Smells rumorish.

DanielGearSolid1567d ago

Chill man, articles like these are helpful for ppl experiencing the issues, since they provided some workarounds

UpAllKnight751566d ago

Not a rumor man. And turning the deep color off worked for the flicker. Thanks man!

swishersweets200311567d ago

there is also problems with the recording feature not saving all the recordings for me, i never had this problem before making vids. Also every time you go to your screen shot foler the system is taking a screen shot automatically.

I also do not like how the streaming comments on twitch are all scrunched up on the right side now and the time stamp is on the bottom. should be the other way around. would make it easier to read again.

Rebo001567d ago

500GB External HDD not being detected. Guy probably has it formatted with NTFS instead of FAT32 or exFAT

TheGamingArt1567d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Silly people not knowing how partitions and formatting file systems work...

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