Fight Back against the Dreaded Blue Spiny Shell with the Super Horn

Twinfinite writes: The infamous blue Spiny Shell. For Mario Kart veterans, the mere mention of this item can trigger flashbacks of leads lost at the last second and broken controllers. While many items exist to help players in back catch up, the blue shell exists to shave years off the life of players in first place. Announced today in a Mario Kart 8 themed Nintendo Direct, Nintendo is finally giving skilled racers a way to fight back and preserve their lead.

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MNGamer-N1484d ago

I LOVE THIS! Finally away to defeat the blue shell. Although you could beat it in Kart Wii if you used a mushroom and timed it just right, but it was nearly impossible. Great direct today, all things Kart 8. Awesome.

BattleN1484d ago

Dodging it in Double Dash was easy too!

wonderfulmonkeyman1484d ago

I know this won't stop people who get hit with it, because they didn't save a super horn, from complaining, but I can dream...