Starlight Inception Review at CalmDownTom

"When a game is broken, it becomes depressingly easy to review. Does it have frame rate issues? Yes. Does it have missing textures? Yes. Does it randomly lock up? Yes. Is it any fun to play at all? No. Sadly, Starlight Inception is such a game. This is software of such low quality that it’s jarring to see it on a mainstream handheld device." says CalmDownTom

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Blues Cowboy1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Yup, it's appalling. I didn't back it (went for SSZ instead) and feel very sorry for those who did. Big promises, yet a tragic little disaster of a game right now.

BTW, the PC version ain't much better, but at least it actually resembles a space sim.

Beetey1542d ago

I'm really disappointed to see the reviews this game has been getting. Although I didn't financially support it, I have been following it since the announcement and was really excited. Thankfully, I hadn't got around to buying it before all the reviews got out.

ruefrak1541d ago

The problem is that most of the complaints can be fixed with a software patch, and in the comments after the review, the developer lists everything that is going to be fixed (which is a lot). This is one of those times when it should have been delayed until they could fix more things.