What's next for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U?

The Daily Star writes "The big games firms are about to reveal a ton of new hits.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have been beavering away behind the scenes on dozens of secret titles to go on sale at Christmas and beyond.

And they'll reveal all at the annual E3 games event in Los Angeles on June 10.

Here's our predictions for what surprises you can expect from the top three this summer."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1566d ago

What's next?

A metric crap-ton of great games for all three, that's what's next!

2014 is a good year to be a gamer![especially if you're rich enough to go multiplatform]

mcstorm1566d ago

I agree. I own a Xbox one and WiiU at the moment and am picking a PS4 up when Driver Club is out. Biggest issue I am having at the moment is getting through my games. I have Mario 3d World, DK, Pikmin 3, Splinter cell, Luigi U, Forza 5, BF4 and Pokémon x to finishing off getting through. Got next week off work so going to have a massive gaming week. Hate getting old you get less and less time to play games lol.

GuruMeditation1566d ago

Know how you feel. I work all hours and have two very young children; as a result, my backlog has ballooned to ridiculous levels...

mcstorm1566d ago

GuruMeditation not good is it. I don't have kids but I think the day I do will be the day I no longer have time to be a gamer lol.

pheature1565d ago

i just hate getting old in general.
but i do nothing but game :) and at the moment there is no real game out now that really intrests me on the ps4.
dont get me wrong i have owned all the games and had a good share at them well when i say all i mean like cod fifa ac thief and im playing final fantasy a realm reborn, but i wont renew the free subscription as elder scroll is going to be better mmorpg imo

mcstorm1565d ago

pheature I feel the same as you for the PS4. Driver Club is the game im excited about on the PS4 and this is when I will pick one up as KZ, Infamous ect don't interest me as they are not my type of game.

It really depends on what you are into to what console you should get. Getting old is not too bad and I keep fit and work with younger people in the hockey team I run so it keeps me feeling young (well that's what I think)

Retroman1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@ mcstorm

it is part of the evolution of growing up. less time playing more time maturing,exploring life. take on responsibility, have kids then say ahhh, i remember those days like it was yesterday. come on son lets play super smash bros. # 8

mcstorm1565d ago

@GT67 I go by the saying we are as young as you feel (My Grandad says that and he is 84 and thinks he is 21 most of the time lol) I agree getting older sucks in some ways but great in others. Cant wait for the day I say to my own kids let play X game together as I do it with my younger brothers and sister now when they come round.
Be interesting to see what I would be like if I make it to my 80s to see if I am still playing games or watching repeats of things that are on TV now.

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Agent_hitman1566d ago

What's next for Wii U, PS4 and X1?.. Awesome games like exclusives and multiplat AAA titles??.

Blackleg-sanji1566d ago

Whats next you ask??! Next sony, microsoft and nintendo rape my wallet after e3

HacSawJimThugin1566d ago

I dunno about the XB1 or Wiiu, but I foresee PS4 games dropping to 900p. Imo more frames are more important that res because frames directly affect game play unlike a high pixel count.

I want Nintendo to return to its glory days. Make a controller without a gimmick and I'm on board until then whatever.

MS are about to shock the world with DX12 for PC and consoles. Add in Azure and you got a deadly combination brewing. Can't wait for E!!

Jaqen_Hghar1566d ago

how is announcing 2 things that everyone already know about going to "shock the world"? They already said DX12 and Azure would be used with Xbox. Also the great thing about PS4 is you don't need to drop fps to get to 1080p. Remember these are launch games that were ported to PS4 (multigen stuff) and yet they're reaching 1080p or 900p at stable framerates. A man has been playing INfamous and noticed no drops even when blasting massive amounts of enemies.

Rumb13stiltzkin1565d ago

"In marketing language, a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something "stand out" from its contemporaries. However, the special feature is typically thought to be of little relevance or use."

How is the gamepad a gimmick?

- Off-screen play / video streaming
- A second screen for local multiplayer
- TV Tag
- Typing
- Drawing
- Video chat
- Voice chat
- Exclusive gameplay features

If you wanna talk gimmicks, let's discuss the PS4 controller's touchpad, for starters...

jcnba281565d ago

"I want Nintendo to return to its glory days. Make a controller without a gimmick"

If this bothers you so much then why don't you just use the Wii U pro controller?

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