PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales: will 2014 boom, or bust?

If you consider it from a certain angle, nothing about the modern console market makes sense. Last year, Sony and Microsoft launched two machines, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, which are expensive to produce and really expensive to buy. They are designed to last a decade, but already the architecture inside them is dated compared with current generation PCs; furthermore, they're competing in a consumer electronics market where mobile phones have introduced an annual generational turnover. Nothing lasts a decade anymore.

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fonger081662d ago

I think this generation will be far shorter than the last. Technology is becomming faster, smaller, cheaper, at quicker rate this decade. It won't be long before our phones/tablets have the same computing and graphical power that our consoles have.

BitbyDeath1660d ago

Phone market won't matter if you can't get something as simple as double dragon working on it. The controls will always hold it back.

Meltic1661d ago

delay here and there and people leaving and get fired ?. Whats next in the future ?

SixtyNine1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Well, they switched to x86 architecture so even if the console cycle is shorter.. we don't have to ever worry about backward compatibility again, So long as they maintain the x86 in the next consoles.

as for hardware sales, it depends on the games that devs put out.