Fantastic New Crash Course Mario Kart 8 Features Trailer + Screenshots

One month from today, Mario Kart 8 will be driving players wild with anti-gravity racing action. To get people revved up for the Wii U game, Nintendo released a new features trailer that announced some additional news nuggets.

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ritsuka6661686d ago

What a great looking game! Visual and gameplay-wise. 

Neonridr1686d ago

So many tiny details in this game. Love the notes playing as you drive over the piano keys. Sure it may not look like Drive Club or Forza, but the game is going to be so much fun to play.

Nevers0ft1686d ago

Agreed... For the first time today I noticed players heads and eyes turning to watch other players speeding past them. Subtle stuff like that really helps polish a game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1685d ago

kart racers =/= racing sims

They are not to be compared

Neonridr1685d ago

I was referring to graphics. Since a lot of people on this site value graphics over gameplay.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1685d ago

still though Racing Sims focus only on vehicles, tracks, terrains and weather effects.

Kart racers does too but more with characters, animations, items and others.

But if you want to compare it to Forza wait til May 30th and wait til Project Cars comes on Wii U then we can see.

BlackWolf1686d ago

The new Rainbow Road is nice. Mixed with a space station, fitting for the anti-gravity.

-Foxtrot1686d ago

Jeez I really hope they still have a number of secret unlockable racers.

Why announce them all, isn't part of the fun finding out for yourself.

--Onilink--1686d ago

probably, the past 2 games there were several unlockables and the game just added another row.

But yeah, hopefully there is more, unlocking things(characters, karts, parts) is part of the appeal of completing the tournaments

deafdani1685d ago

A little ray of sunshine, aren't you?


-Foxtrot1685d ago

So you like everything handed to you leaving nothing to unlock in a game such as this.

Yeah ok then....

deafdani1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

- Never mind, post by mistake.

deafdani1685d ago

But Nintendo isn't forcing me to watch this stuff, you know. I actually refrained from looking at most Mario Kart 8-related content precisely because I want to be surprised when I play the actual game.

You could do the same.

Even still, I doubt Nintendo has shown us everything there's to know about MK8. Prior to the release of Mario 3D World, they also gave us lots of trailers showing lots of stuff, and I saw most of them... but I was still amazed when I got to play the actual game.


chrissx1686d ago

This game looks like insane fun

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