PS4: How to Dim Controller Light Bar, Move Media to USB, Disable HDCP

An easy, step-by-step, text-based guide to using PS4's new options.

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Foolsjoker1663d ago

Nice guide! I still wish they would let us turn the light off, instead of just dimming it.

knifefight1663d ago

Duct tape: for taking matters into your own hands.

UnbiasedOpinions1663d ago

knife its pretty bad when you need duct tape for a brand new 400$ console

alexkoepp1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

This guide outlines a way to transfer your videos from a USB stick to the console. Anyone try using a video other than gameplay and see if you can watch it on the PS4?

Would rather not dig my ps4 out of the closet to test it myself

2pacalypsenow1663d ago

@alexkoepp i see what you did there

thereapersson1663d ago

Stealth trolling this time instead of blatantly acting out, alex?

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UnbiasedOpinions1663d ago

The Dim looked unnoticeable, its like they added it just to shut everyone up about it because it barely does anything,

Shu Yoshida:

"this little light of mine, i'm going to let it shine"

Lowsnamebrand1663d ago

Really? when I dimmed mine I turned it over so I could see the light, and it was completely noticeable's you're eye sight? it sounds to me like you need to get your eyes checked... or stop trolling

psforward1663d ago

You probably don't notice the difference between 720p and 1080p either. Back on topic, glad to have the option to save some battery life.

OhReginald1663d ago

they need a dimmer dim option. OH and also an "OFF" option....yea that would be fantastic.

nevin11663d ago

So you can't view files from the USB?

Thehyph1663d ago

I'm a huge fan of not having to choose my account when turning the controller back on after watching YouTube or Netflix.

A little more convenient for turning the idle shutoff time lower to save battery.

finito821663d ago

great guide nice detailed explanation

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