Bob Hoskins, star of infamous 'Super Mario Bros.' film, dies at 71

Bob Hoskins, the actor who starred as Mario in 1993's notorious Super Mario Bros., died Tuesday, his agent said. He was 71.

Hoskins, a native of England, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1986, and shot to mainstream fame in the United States with his role as Detective Eddie Valiant in 1988's smash hit Who Framed Roger Rabbit. His acting career bridged six decades.

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Neonridr1457d ago

RIP Mr. Hoskins

you will be forever etched in our minds as Mario Mario, the wise-cracking plumber from Brooklyn who helped save what looks like Downtown Detroit from an evolved dinosaur, an army of shrunken head weirdos, and lots and lots of fungus.

daggertoes831457d ago

He'll always be Eddie valiant to me.

Neonridr1456d ago

lol, that's how I would like to remember him too.

MazzingerZ1456d ago

Yeah, Mario is the last that comes to my mind, had even forgot it...

MysticStrummer1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )


"My buddy's Eddie V. A sourpuss, you'll see…"

He had a good, if small, role in Brazil too.

swice1456d ago

RIP Mario, Mr. Smee, Eddie this is a really sad day

Da_Rockwilder1457d ago

Sad news. The Long Good Friday, Brazil, Enemy at the Gates, and Roger Rabbit were just a few of my favorite Bob Hoskins films... along with Mario.


wheresmymonkey1456d ago

I think as a mark of respect we should take all the copies of the MArio Bros movie left in existance and destroy them .It's what Bob Hoskins would have wanted. He hated that film.

WeAreLegion1456d ago

It is a bad Mario film, but it's also a pretty entertaining film.

talocaca1456d ago

I hear there's space at a New Mexico landfill...

Neonridr1456d ago

lol, I was already thinking of the same comment before I read your response.

MrSwankSinatra1456d ago

even though a lot of people hated the Super Mario Bros. movie i personally really enjoyed it for what it was. RIP Bob Hoskins

kamisama1456d ago

Same here hell I even own a copy of the movie

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The story is too old to be commented.