It's Official: Here’s How Mario Kart 8 Voice Chat Works

Nintendo has detailed how the Mario Kart 8 voice chat feature will work for fans, along with new tidbits of information about the game’s online multiplayer aspect.

First and foremost, a headset is not required for Mario Kart 8 voice chat. Instead, players can egg each other on or talk trash using the Wii U GamePad’s built-in microphone, with one exception of course. Players are limited to talking to one another in the “lobby area” while waiting for a race to start. Additionally, they can exchange pre-defined test-based messages — similar to the phrasing style featured used in Mario Kart Wii.

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Concertoine1665d ago

This is for the best i think... i think people underestimate the potential chaos of a mario kart with online chat.

Neonridr1665d ago

It would have been kind of cool if you were able to hear other people as they passed you. So as someone is zipping by you could curse at them, but then when you are racing normally, everyone is too far away to be heard.

I agree though, if you could hear everyone all the time, someone could basically just scream through the race if it pleased them and you would end up having to put up with it. (Or mute them if there was such an option).

Concertoine1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Oh my god that'd be hilarious.
A guy passes you with a mushroom
You throw the red shell you've been saving for such an occasion
As you pass his dormant kart you just yell "f*** you".

I mean COD's online is rampant with sexism, racism, and general unpleasantness and it's a game of hopscotch compared to the rage inducing power of mario kart. I'd be scared to see a MK with unrestricted voice chat.

elhebbo161665d ago

Thats actually a great idea for a lot of racing games.

nicksetzer11665d ago

Well, nintendo targets families/kids so allowing and open chat during game would definitely end in some less than appropriate talk.

randomass1711665d ago


...That is the greatest idea on earth. Nintendo EAD should hire you dude. I wish that could have been a feature in the game. :D

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--Onilink--1665d ago

i agree with your notion while playing with strangers, but not being able to use voice chat while playing with friend is pretty lame, hopefully its something that can be added later.

Pretty much everything else looks absolutely stunning, so its just a minor grip in what seems to be an amazing game

Baka-akaB1665d ago

That doesnt even make sense , except for them . Everyone knows you can cut chatter and mute troublemakers .

They could have at least blocked chat with strangers , but allowed it for a friendlist

randomass1711665d ago

@Baka-akaB I agree, it's kind of a disappointment, but at least it was not completely omitted as originally believed. My friends and I used Skype when playing together on Mario Kart 7, so we'll probably do the same thing with 8.

swice1665d ago

I personally enjoy the online chaos. It's extremely entertaining, but I can see how some people are turned off by it

wonderfulmonkeyman1665d ago

I get the feeling that blue shell rage in post-race lobbies is going to be the newest YouTube sensation.XD

RogerDodger19541665d ago

Duuude, i totally agree you on that one xD

Obamanationn1665d ago

i have a question , can i play Split Screen with a friend to go online like in some First Person shooters ? im considering a buying a Wii-U for this game

bobacdigital1665d ago

Yes this could be done In the Wii version.

randomass1711665d ago

Thanks for the info! I didn't even know the Wii game had online split screen play.

elhebbo161665d ago

Well I remember you could in Mariokart Wii so theres really no reason to do it on this one, in fact I bet the split screen online is enhanced compared to MKWii.

gedden71665d ago

This is good! I think this will ad a new layer to friendly and funny trash talking... And you dont need to buy a mic!! I wonder if you can mute people tho.???

swice1665d ago

LOL get all of your trash talking in before the game starts! I think I'll prepare a speech before each race, and read it lightning fast

randomass1711665d ago

Haha, nice idea. You could recite a speech from one of the Lord of the Rings movies to get everyone pumped for the race. :D

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