Vita And 3DS Receive Boost In Sales As The PS4 Struggles To Find Its Place In Weekly Japanese Sales

GearNuke: "According to the latest sales from Famitsu Japan, the PS Vita and 3DS have both received a boost in sales thanks to new software. Unfortunately the PS4 had no such luck and as a result, it fell behind the Vita in hardware sales."

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jcnba281605d ago

Wow Vita outselling PS4 by almost 13k units.

Blastoise1605d ago

Well the Vita's actually got good games, for Japanese gamers. Like Sword Art Online.

PS4 has nothing that can't be played on PS3, so far at least

chrismichaels041605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

The Vita needs the Japanese market more than the PS4 does. PS4 is doing great in the US and Europe. While the Vita continues to grow in popularity in Japan. Either way, it's good news for Sony.

randomass1711605d ago

Well there is Killzone and InFamous, but those mostly cater to western audiences, unfortunately. I think Sony would be smart to foot the bill for Namco to develop an exclusive Tales of game, or to get a home console Gravity Rush off the ground.

blackbeld1605d ago

Or maybe all PS4 are out of stock?

I always thought japan are the most hardcore gamers. How is this possible?

desertpunk861605d ago

the console market in japan is dead.

DCfan1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Keep spewing stuff like that.

Japan gets all the cool Vita stuff.

tigertron1605d ago

I think he's referring to home consoles.

Handhelds in Japan are the most dominant and it's great to see the Vita doing so well there.

InTheLab1605d ago

No. It's just no one is making games for them aside from Nintendo.

Sony really dropped the ball in their own backyard.

BeardedPriest1605d ago

I love how the dude with Guts in his picture just made this statement.

savaroth1605d ago

Nah, The Japanese just don't have any real reason to buy a ps4 yet. My guess is that this will turn around as soon as FF XV and such will appear.

To bad Persona 5 is a ps3 title, because it could also have been a console seller.

AS allways consoles need games in order for people to be interesed.

videgamenext11605d ago

There is no real reason for anyone to buy a ps4 yet honestly. I own one and if it wasn't for arkham knight coming out i'd trade it in.

ritsuka6661605d ago

My guess is that this will turn around as soon as FF XV ''

FF franchise have lost a lot of steam in this days. So no, FF will not saved shit.

lilbroRx1605d ago

Why isn't this top news?

randomass1711605d ago

My guess is because people don't care about sales performance in Japan. I think mostly those focused on the western gaming scene come to this site.

lilbroRx1605d ago

You could have fooled me whenever a report of something made by Nintendo doing bad in Japan shot to the top of this sites news.

I see sales report in the top all the time.

Thing is, all the ones I've seen at the top have either been praising the PS4 or putting down on the Wii U.

extermin8or1605d ago

Tbhits not like sony care is it? There will be japanese games that sell the ps4 there amd the sales everywjere else in the world are great so... if vita's picking up thats also good for them (and potentially us other vita ownees xD)

InTheLab1605d ago

I see Sony is literally doing the opposite of what they did with the PS3. Establish a presence in the US and EU then worry about their home at a later date. It's really surprising. I would have thought the late release date in Japan was to get Japanese games on the console but wth...

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