PS4 1.7: Screenshots Saved to USB Compared with Facebook/Twitter/PS App Upload: Surprising Results

Today’s 1.7 patch for the PS4 added the ability to save your screenshots and video via USB, which is definitely a lot more intuitive and comfortable than having to upload it to Facebook or Twitter, or even worse the convoluted method that required to send them to a secondary account to the PlayStation App on smartphones to get an uncompressed version.

here you can see a comparison between screenshots saved with all four methods, which can be useful to know which one is best for the compression ratio you’re looking for.

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GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Hmm, interesting. I've messed around with it today and found that the USB method is the best. I had colour gradient artefacts via the PS app method.

Here's my own test -

PS app method (Size = 513KB) -

USB method (431KB)-

The USB method is slightly smaller in file size, but if you look to the left of Delsin, just above the yellow sign on the PS app method screenshot, the metal surface has colour gradient artefacts, while the USB method screenshot has none.

It also depends which website you upload them too, some sites will add tons of compression. I've found that when uploaded to Mediafire, the image size barely changes. I recommend using Mediafire, CubeUpload or Minus, they don't add any further compression.

Abriael, i have no idea why your PS app method screenshots are so huge. Mine are only slightly larger than USB screenshots, as you can see above. I haven't got any PS app method screenshots that are anywhere near that much larger than the USB method screenshots. Flicking between your USB and PS app screenshots, there's hardly a difference, if any, despite one of them being double the size. Weird.

Abriael1660d ago

The difference in artifacts is hard to gauge, because it depends on the method of compression used, and not just on the percentage.

It'll pretty much always end up being situational.

As for the size, I really wouldn't know why yours are so much smaller than mine.

By the way, the reason why there's hardly any difference is simply because the PS4 uses a good compression method. Good compression algorithms will hardly impact quality, because they'll compress more where you don't notice it, while they'll compress almost nothing in areas dense with details.

It's the same with video, that's why compression programs like handbrake are so great.

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Makes sense. I think i will stick with the USB from now on, it's so much easier and quicker than the PS app method and the difference is almost indistinguishable. Thanks for the comparison Abriael, goes to show just how bad Facebook and Twitter make screenshots look compared to the originals.

Abriael1660d ago

Yeah. Same here.

Actually Facebook isn't so bad. It's a pretty good third (not for video, just screenshots) Twitter is horrible lol.

Bathyj1660d ago

Just curious Lukas, can you see the file size while the shot is still on your ps4. Just wondering how they compare.

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Yeah, you can. It has the details underneath the thumbnail for each screenshot.

I PM'd Abriael and asked him what he was doing differently for his images to be so much larger while using the PS app method. He sends them from his phone straight to his PC via USB, whereas i was emailing them to myself first, lol, like a dummy. That was causing the file size to get cut in half. Sending them to your PC from your phone via USB will result in the full sized image to be sent....although it will still be JPEG, which is a lossy format.

ThunderSpark1660d ago

Anytime someone posts a screenshot from Infamous I'm like WTF.. those graphics are freaking amazing. Thanks for the info.

jay21660d ago

Did anyone notice how much louder the capture cards audio is?

SixtyNine1660d ago

Some really neat features. :) I like the USB option.

incendy351660d ago

Guess I will have to turn my PS4 on and see what is new.

GentlemenRUs1660d ago

Currently copying 14GB worth of video to a 16GB memory stick, No more FACECRAP for me :D

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