Among the Sleep - First Person Horror Adventure - PC Demo Now Available

Great news for horror adventure fans as Krillbite Studio has released a demo for Among the Sleep – a first person horror adventure title in which you control a two year old child.

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TedCruzsTaint1662d ago

The demo was fantastic. I have been disappointed of pretty much any horror game I've played since Outlast's release, but I am now very much looking forward to this one.

GamerDad19871661d ago

Well what's come out since Outlast's release? Only game I'm familiar with is Daylight. Did I miss something else?

starchild1661d ago

This has Oculus Rift support. Its going to be awesome.


I played it and finished it. Very spooky, to play with a toddler that can barely walk on 4 legs, the sensation of fragility, the need to hide each time, the concept. This game has the potential to win and make is forget how bad Daylight was. Looking forward to play this game. Sadly it uses the very limited Unity engine; if only they used UE4, it would have looked even spookier.

TekoIie1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Nooooope nope nope.... NOEPZ.

Based on the demo on their kickstarter page I thought this would have "atmospheric" horror but those creatures in the gameplay teaser.... They're huge because your a baby and i dont like it :'(

I am way too easily scared.

Out of interest is the steam demo the same as the one on the kickstarter page?

specialguest1661d ago

Quit being a baby... oh wait, nevermind. haha

randomass1711661d ago

Baby or not this game looks terrifying as heck. I don't think I CAN play it lol. I'd piss myself.

ZeroAtmin1661d ago

Finally I've been wanting this game for months ever since I saw it on YouTube

Meltic1661d ago

damn i was so afraid when playing it. Outlast and Daylight i wasnt so scared. But this 1. A teddy bear with a baby. Trying to find he's mom. Spooky house. Sound effects. Wow when is it out ?