Japan’s PlayStation Game Releases (PS3, PS4, PSVita, PSP) May 2014

"Here are the games that will be hitting PlayStation platforms in Japan during the month of May." -PSLS

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knifefight733d ago

Why would Sonic racing NOT be released on the portables, in the land where portables sell the most? It's like Sega hates money.

dbjj12088733d ago

Everything should be on portable.

Sev733d ago

Um, is that a pillow case? Because gross.

dbjj12088733d ago

Are you kidding? Ladies love it when you lay your head to rest on hand-drawn breasty women.

Tross730d ago

Well, looks like May will be a disappointing month for Japanese PS gamers. I think I still have some extra wallet funds on my Japanese account, but I'm thinking of investing in one of the Princess Maker games. I definitely won't be getting whatever is releasing this May, and a lot of it is available in NA anyways, so it would be a waste of precious yen, to invest in those.