Mario Kart 8 Preview: Battle Mode, 8 New Courses, Items, & MKTV (Wii U)

GameXplain: "We played Mario Kart 8 for another hour, this time checking out Balloon Battle and raced on 8 new tracks like Mount Wario, Dolphin Shoals, Sherbet Land, Yoshi Valley, Sunshine Airport, Electrodome, Find out all about them, new items like the Super Horn, Crazy 8, see new characters like Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach, and learn more about Mario Kart TV and creating online tournaments! All this and more in our in-depth Mario Kart 8 video preview!"

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bobacdigital1688d ago

I still cant believe they fixed battle mode mechanics but then nerf'd it with normal maps... :( Hopefully they have some type of battle arena DLC announced at E3.. Mario Kart 8 almost was the definitive game in the series .. Had they remade 8 maps from previous Kart titles it would have literally been the perfect game.

Judging by how Nintendo has treated most its higher end titles I doubt DLC will be added since they like to release "complete" games rather than milk with DLC... But if Pikmin, NSMB, and Mario Golf have given us any indication of if DLC will be included I guess could be encouraging?