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Irrational Had An "Undercurrent Of Tension At All Times" Says Ex-dev

NowGamer: "In the wake of the closure of Irrational - the studio behind Bioshock Infinite - we speak to an ex-employee about Irrational, Ken Levine and the changes made to Bioshock Infinite." (BioShock: Infinite, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

gamesTM_dom  +   458d ago
"It was obvious that not everyone agreed with Ken [Levine] and the decisions he made, and as I said, a lot of talent left because of that"

I can imagine Ken being very precious about his ideas - in a team as big as Irrational, that must have been incredibly frustrating to work under
LordMaim  +   458d ago
At the same time, that's the way that a lot of the best games are made; one person with a singular vision shaping the creative direction of the work into a unique and cohesive whole. Unfortunately it does rub some people the wrong way, since any outside creative input from the team must be filtered through the vision of the lead designer. Also, it can result in a "single point of failure", especially if you're working under Peter Molyneux.
NewMonday  +   458d ago
"While I don’t know the specific financials of the game, I do know expectations were that the game would sell somewhere in the area of 7 million copies. Last I had heard, sales had just topped 4 million. That’s a big difference,"

"I think when it came down to it, as well as it did, it underperformed in sales, and the money just wasn’t there."

you reading this Septic?
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Septic  +   458d ago

Oh I read it all right. You read it too Newmonday? Because there was also this bit:

""People came and left the studio in those five plus years, some because of issues with how production was handled and how the company was run,""

Oh and this:

""As a place to work, Irrational had its ups and downs," our source continued.

"They did what they could to provide anything we needed to make our work day easier. But there was definitely an undercurrent of tension at all times." "

So tell me, where does it say that the 4 million sales (that this source guesstimates) was the reason for the closure and not the constant issues the team had with Levine...the thing that the vast majority of the article is talking about?

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NewMonday  +   458d ago
and when did the WHOLE studio shutdown ? wasn't it after the game was released and didn't meet the 7 million target?

just stop it man this is getting embarrassing, everybody knows the studio was dismantled because the game didn't meet the sales target

you are literally the only one arguing otherwise

case closed, people will take note you ignore common sense and plane facts in the future.
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Septic  +   458d ago

"and when did the WHOLE studio shutdown ? wasn't it after the game was released and didn't meet the 7 million target? "

Wait what lol?! You wanted the studio to shutdown before the game was released? LOL!

"case closed, people will take note you ignore common sense and plane facts in the future."

Lol where are the facts mate? Lol you've just assumed the failure to hit 7 million was the reason for the studios closure. Assumptions are not facts mate. I'm not even saying that, that was NOT the reason. I've been asking you to properly show me proof. You can't produce it.

Come on...you can do better than this. One day....one day you'll 'beat' me in an argument. ;)

barb_wire  +   458d ago
Man, looking back at the gameplay demo from E3 2011 (which I'd totally forgotten about) - I want to play that version of 'Bioshock Infinite'.
Septic  +   458d ago
Yeah man I completely forgot. I actually completed Bioshock Infinite last weekend and its crazy how it transformed.

I mean, Elizabeth looks different (I prefer the new one) but the voices, some of the set-pieces and dialogue were identical. But the pace of the gameplay...the interaction etc...its so weird. They must have been far into development of the game as well.
medman  +   457d ago
I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite, but I must say that when I first started playing it, it was very disappointing graphically (I played on 360). I remember thinking I wished they had also developed it for the new gen consoles. It would have made for an awesome launch game for the ps4 and xbone, and the quality of the visuals would have matched the quality of the story, instead of severely lagging behind.
wallis  +   458d ago
Enjoyed the game, and I like the team but I also see why one creative vision must have been hard to follow. In large teams you just can't have it all in one head so you need a few quality managers who are all on the same page.

It's a shame infinite never sold as well as they'd like but then again that's just part of the shitty paradox of life. I'm happy we got to see a beautiful end to bioshock's narrative. The gameplay wasn't anything significant/new but I really appreciated the narrative and thought a lot of their presentation and art style. At the end of the day the franchise was either gonna get finished like that or get turned into a shitty annual franchise which we damn nearly saw with bioshock 2. Anything with a modicum of success is now always just seen as the gate way into a future of endless cash revenue, so yeah the high expectations suck but in terms of delivering to their fans a quality product, Irrational nailed it.
Septic  +   458d ago
"The gameplay wasn't anything significant/new but I really appreciated the narrative and thought a lot of their presentation and art style."

Ah yeah the narrative was amazing. I had to google an explanation for the ending but was even more shocked when it all hit home. The little tally regarding heads or tails right at the start of the game etc

That ending lingered on for longer than TLOU for me. It finally did justice to the series.
calvincrack  +   458d ago
I want more of this interview

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