The Hidden Features And Changes Of PlayStation 4 Firmware 1.70

TSA writes: "I'm sure we're all up to speed with the list of major changes made for the latest and greatest PlayStation 4 firmware, which has gone live this morning, but what about the little stuff? The minor tweaks which never get the spotlight, but can still make a big difference?"

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GentlemenRUs1691d ago

Most of them weren't hidden, But some I've not seen mentioned.

GarrusVakarian1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

So we can now set the length that the PS4 constantly records. Does that mean when we double-tap the share button while in-game, it will save the PAST 1-3-5-10-15 minutes depending on what we have it set to....or does that mean it will record the FOLLOWING 1-3-5-10-15 minutes and automatically stop recording when it gets to the limit set by the user?

Some help understanding would be appreciated :D

Kingthrash3601690d ago

i think it consistently records period..when you press the share button it saves the last, whatever minutes you chose from the point you pressed the share button..
so basically pressing the share button ends and saves the last 5 minutes.(if you chose 5 minutes).

GarrusVakarian1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


I've just been messing around with it in BF4. I set it to record the past 1 minute. When you double tap the share button to start recording, it will record 1 minute, you will then get a notification pop up saying 'video clip saved'.

The get the *past* 1 minute, you press (or hold, depending on your setting) the share button and just press square to save video clip. Then press circle to go straight back into your game. It's so fast and easy to use.

So just to be clear for anyone else, you double tap the share button to record what you are currently doing (up to the time limit you have set. After that you will have to double tap it again, it doesn't carry on recording automatically). And press (or hold) the share button and press square to save the footage that has just happened, up the limit you have set (1,3,5,10,15 minutes).


HAHA isnt your Avatar from Cow and Chicken. mmmmmm pork butts!

bub161691d ago

All I want is MP3 /dlna support. Show friends coming on and offline and pause downloads!!!

Whitey2k1691d ago

I fought mp3 was already supported with the movie maker

FriedGoat1691d ago

If you want DLNA support, just get PLEX, use the PS4 web browser and you can watch all of your videos.

emad-E-three1691d ago

Same here and something tells me it will be officially announced on E3 and released like a day or two after the conference.

XisThatKid1690d ago

80 friends was enough for signing on and off that got annoying imagine 2000 signing on and off on their PS3s PS4s and Vitas nah you keep that or make it an option so I can keep it off

bub161690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

it would go under the notifications section so yes it could be turned on and off and if u have 2000 friends on psn and don't want to know when there coming online. don't you think its time to delete the ones you don't want to see coming online?

XisThatKid1690d ago

if im playing a specific game no not at all times Like I said beforeI'd just keep it off I want to know when people are on I'll just double tap PS button goin back to my flist. I get the lure of the feature it just isn't for me. I have about 100 plus friends I on again off again play with and span across all 3 platforms I don't need an onscreen notification unless I can tag or group what people I want to be notified. The notification cannot be intrusive.

Sitdown1690d ago

How about the option of being able to select who you get the notification from...

RedSoakedSponge1690d ago

not being able to pause downloads is a mystery to me. youd have thought that would have been obvious functionality we would expect.

liquidhalos1690d ago

I found this update very underwhelming considering the massive hype around it.

The only noticeable change that i care about so far is the fact that my ps4 no longer automatically connects to the PSN and if i try manually connect too soon after start-up the PS4 goes back to the start-up dynamic background forcing me to logout and log back in again. I'm not particularly happy to be honest.

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joeyisback1691d ago

Can't check update power out :-(

ZombieKiller1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

How do you have internet to comment then?

I would say the same about a computer but laptop batteries work wonders in outages!

Regardless, I can't wait to get home to update my life ---uh PlayStation

Cryptcuzz1690d ago

Maybe he's commenting on his phone.

liquidhalos1690d ago

Im outside right now, no power cord to my laptop which is tethered to my phone. ZOMG the wonder of technology

ZombieKiller1688d ago

Technology isn't that great apparently. It's didn't stop you from being a douche.

SniperControl1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Very good update, keep them coming Sony.

Personally i would love to have a game folder.

GarrusVakarian1691d ago

Definitely. I like the minimalistic UI of the PS4, having many different game tiles will get too messy. A single folder to file them all under would be great.

Cryptcuzz1690d ago

Me too and I also noticed after the update, the UI is noticeably smoother and snappier.

Before, sometimes navigating and clicking on certain things would have the system hang for a bit, but now I have not noticed anything like that.

That to me is the best feature of this update.

NobleRed1691d ago

Fix the headset problems
5.1/7.1 sound via usb
optical sound input and usb mic/usb soundcard support at the same time
optical sound and mic support via dualshock 4 jack

Farsendor11691d ago

at least they added these things hopefully the next update will add more things and fix others. hope they continually to release these every 3 months or so.

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