PS4 1.70 Patch adds publisher logos to captured screens and video

GR-UK writes: "The latest PlayStation 4 Update (1.70) is live and it adds the option of freely moving screens and videos you've captured to a USB drive. However, these will still come with logos and copyright texts, which sort of puts a dampener on the good news. A beautiful screenshot from Child of Light isn't as beautiful with the Ubisoft logo in the corner after all."

The captured screens are 1920x1080 and videos 1280x720.

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Massacred1690d ago

Seriously? This just seems. . . unnecessary.

Farsendor11690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

people that make youtube videos, stream, they seem to forget that footage belongs to someone else and they shouldn't make money from another persons or group of people product.

developers, publishers should have the right to include their watermark it shows people who the game belongs to.

i know im going to get a lot of disagrees but remember this is my opinion if you dont like it that is ok we dont all agree on stuff. i just know i wouldnt like for someone to make money from my product.

i make a game, someone streams that game they make thousands of dollars and im left with no profit from those videos. that would piss me off and i hope it would piss some of you off.

XtraTrstrL1690d ago

Do they really need to get a piece of revenue off everyone streaming their game on Youtube? I don't think they do, and that's a crappy reason to screw up peoples vids with watermarks. Because you want every last dime you can squeeze out of everywhere.

generic-user-name1690d ago

False, this has nothing to do with patch 1.70 and it's up to devs to add watermarks. Dead Nation had them since day one. I know the FFXIV beta also had them.

knifefight1690d ago

A lot of Vita games already have this too. FFX comes to mind.

OrangePowerz1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

There had been games that put logos there before 1.7 so it's not really 1.7 adding that.

Giru0171690d ago

Title is misleading, patch 1.70 does not do this, developers chose this, just like with the restricted for screens/video scenes.

Bathyj1690d ago

I don't see the point of this since infamous got a no HUD patch. What would be the point if you were going to plaster a stupid logo over the screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.