Call of Duty to be included in XGames 2014

The X Games, an annual sports event, will see Call of Duty: Ghosts join the ranks of motorcross, BMX, surfing, skateboarding and many others as one of the competitive competitions held at the 2014 event. This latest addition to the X Games line up is the result of a partnership between ESPN (hosts of the XGames) and MLG.

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HanCilliers1663d ago

At least Ghosts is good for one thing, getting eSports out there

HoldenZA1663d ago

Agreed, it wouldn't be my number one Call of Duty but at least its gaining ground for eSports

Fishy Fingers1662d ago

Don't see how gaming fits into an "extreme sports" advent.

Guess it opens up each demographic to each other.

NarooN1662d ago

Wow... I don't see what CoD has to do with extreme sports, but I guess since it's the official game of dudebros everywhere (besides Madden), it makes sense. Don't even know if I'll be able to watch X-Games anymore if CoD will have a big presence there...

DefenderOfDoom21662d ago

okay . this will give E -SPORTS a boost ! but who do you root for ? hopefully it will be "free for all" not team death match!