Sony Japan Releases PS4 Customer Satisfaction Survey; Graphics, Audio and Design Highly Praised

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia sent today a press release with the results of a customer satisfaction survey between Japanese respondents, giving some details about the most appreciated features of the new console and its demographics.

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Frankfurt1608d ago ShowReplies(10)
pedrami911608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Well. it's good to know it's being well received in Japan, but customer satisfaction alone is not going to move more systems.

They need more games targeted at Japanese players and the major Japanese third party support if they aim to keep the PS4 relevant in Japan.

NewMonday1608d ago

they need PS4 only games,so far all the big games have been cross generation, Deep Down should be the first Japan PS4 exclusive

Farsendor11608d ago

not sure why you got so many disagrees, everyone has always known to sell games in Japane you need games that cater to that culture.