Fan-made "ultimate" Xbox One UI video gets Microsoft's attention

Ave you got time in your life for some thumping rock music and a range of charming transparency effects? Then gaze in awe and consternation at this "Ultimate Xbox One UI" video mock-up from PrimeGhost Gaming.

Knocked together using Adobe Flash, it's a bit rough and ready in places, but the idea of being able to switch in different backgrounds care of a sidebar seems very worthwhile. The video appears to have impressed Microsoft PR man Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb. More to follow?

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christrules00411665d ago

That UI is really cool if Microsoft could implement it. I really like the idea of when you unlock an achievement you unlock different things for it. Kinda like what Ubisoft did with Uplay. Especially if you make the best backgrounds platinums for games it would give more incentive to go for the achievements.

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showtimefolks1664d ago

really good hopefully MS try to improve this and this person should get some sort of credit. Its amazing that fans can come up with nicer UI's

C-H-E-F1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

@scot you do realize Dreamcast was the console to implement the "online" era for consoles?? Sooo stop being a dooche... -1 for stupidity i mean trolling.

alb18991664d ago

Is not who did it who did it functional, wich works!

C-H-E-F1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

@alb... you do realize the ps2 came out with a online adapter the ps2 came out before the xbox and it WORKED Socom vet loud and proud... so what are you saying again?? -1 for supporting ignorance... Launched in July in Japan of 2001 and August of 2002 in NA for the ps2 (xbox live came out in Nov I believe of 2002)... so yeah you were saying?? oh and my ps3 online worked fine except COD cause well you know COD works on no-ones online haha. and PS4 is actually better than Xbox One currently my friend talks about how poor the online service is compared to 360 all the time. PS4 I experienced lag once on my comcast connection and that was playing nba 2k14 on the court but it was the guys internet and he lagged out of the game... so once again... "FUNCTIONAL AND WORKS..." may I ask your internet speed because being cheap and buying subpar internet and asking for it to do superb is the word of the day "Ignorant".

mwjw6961664d ago


Yea and you realize the dreamcast had it on
JP November 27, 1998 what is your point? MS made it a standard built into the box not a $100 add-on.

"Instead of having a unified, subscription-based online service like Xbox Live, online multiplayer on the PS2 is the responsibility of the game publisher and is run on third-party servers. Most recent PS2 online games have been developed to exclusively support broadband internet access. Xbox Live similarly required/requires a broadband internet connection."

xtremeimport1664d ago

This was a huge complaint i've had with the presentation of the UI. you can customize select tiles, but the fact that the background remains black is hugely disappointing and quite boring. This would really be an awesome customization tool that would allow ppl to truly make their Xb1 feel unique.

clonerz1664d ago

@mwjw you are dead wrong dreamcast online out of box guess fanboys will be fanboys do yourhomework before making claims

Pogmathoin1664d ago

Danny, I will have what your smoking...... I like bouts of delusion.....

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Zichu1665d ago

Really cool idea. Another addition to this idea would be being able to complete the challenges that MS give you receiving a background for it from that game.

tgunzz1665d ago

Damn!!! Great job with that... Now, kick this indie UI developer a white xb1, lifetime xb live, and 2 free upcoming titles of his choice....

OmegaShen1665d ago

Way better what is, I want it now!!!!!!!!

dansdooz1665d ago

Whoa, that was nice exactly what we need to make the box personal.

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