Agent Could Be Rockstar's Big Game For This Year, The Last Guardian Will Sell Well In Japan: Pachter

"It's no secret that there is a lot of mystery surrounding Team Ico's The Last Guardian and Rockstar's Agent. A few years ago there were rumors that both of them were cancelled but according to recent reports, both of them are actually alive in some form or the other."

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Abriael1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Lol. Are you gonna make an article of each single question you asked him?

What's this, the fourth? :D

Hellsvacancy1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

"The Last Guardian Will Sell Well In Japan" no sh!t Pachter, I wonder if he got paid for that

I've given up on Agent, I actually forgot all about it, whatever happened to Wardevil?

badboy7761665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

So Pachter is Eight Days still alive? Since you know all.

calis1665d ago

I think Wardevil got canned years ago.

gameseveryday1665d ago

Umm..Gameinfomer runs a single story about each game for a month. Of course, I am not comparing myself to Gameinformer but I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. The interview is very [very] long, so best to split it in parts.

On a side note, does anyone think The Last Guardian will be re-revealed at E3?

InTheLab1665d ago

People barely read past the headline anyway. Better break up the interview. But labeling it in parts would be nice....

bunt-custardly1665d ago

Calm down fellas. More content in a concise manner from the pair of you is just fine as long as it's not spam!

gameseveryday1665d ago

Makes sense. Have bubbles!

Abriael1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

We're both calm. It's his site, his policies. It just made me chuckle a bit to see all this Pachter :D

morganfell1665d ago


I absolutely think we will see The Last Guardian revealed at E3. As a Dual Platform - PS3/PS4 title? Likely, though there is an outside chance Sony could use the strategy of making it wholly a PS4 game. I have no doubt that as a minimum it will be shown on the PS4.

The only thing that would negate the above reveal scenario would be an E3 so burgeoning with Sony material that they push it to TGS. However, I do not estimate this will be the case. I think that unlikely as I believe the game will ship this year build up of the lead time for the game will begin at E3.


Really Ariael,
Its funny because most dualshocker articles ive read are always about some random insider infomation. Little pieces of nothing. polluting the home page of N4G. Granted i do like reading most of your articles and visiting your site.

porkChop1664d ago

Yeah, gonna have to agree with that. Abriael likes to talk about other people but it's about time he took a look in the mirror.

USMC431664d ago

I really hope you're joking. You know, coming from you...

DOMination-1664d ago

No offense Abriael if that is your real name but its a bit rich for you to moan about this when dualshockers make an article everytime somebody who pretends to be an insider posts on neogaf.

I don't wanna be rude but well...n4g knows that's not in my nature so I'm going to be anyway. Maybe you should listen to your own advice. I enjoy many of your articles and appreciate your work but I've seen stuff that was at least 2.763 times more garbage than this from dualshockers in the past.

Anyway, on topic.. seeing Agent at e3 is about as likely as an execution getting botched

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ArbitorChief1665d ago

How does an analyst know how well a game will sell in certain territories when we haven't seen a single footage of gameplay in years?

Jeff2571665d ago

I somehow doubt we will ever see Agent. Unless Sony told Rockstar their plans for the PS4 early and they mutually decided to wait and make a big splash on the PS4. But until I see a new announcement from them saying it is alive with actual gameplay I am going to consider it dead.

calis1665d ago

Yeah, these games are vapourware right now.

Foxhound9221665d ago

Both games have been confirmed that they are still in development, multiple times nonetheless. There's this silly notion that games actually take years to develop, and a sillier notion that some developers are secretive and don't show screenshots and videos of the entire game before it's released.

Be patient, the games are coming. It's quite obvious that Agent was put on a back burner for Gta V and next gen. The same could be said for the Last Gairdian. Masterpiece games take many years and undercover development to blossom.

LKHGFDSA1665d ago

lol Agent & The Last Guardian? What year is it??

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