Will Exclusive TV Shows Help Sell the Xbox One?

Xbox Originals will be hitting the Xbox One in June. Will Microsoft be able to sell more consoles by chasing TV viewers?

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Axios21666d ago

Do apps help sell iPhones, possibly

It can't hurt

Anything that's an added bonus is good

TheLyonKing1666d ago

Think I am the otherside of the fence to you, its a games console (or should be first and foremost).

Original tv show on xbox at first sounds but you couldn't justify the price of the box and live for a couple of tv shows.

wheresmymonkey1666d ago

True. I personally think this isn't so much about selling xbones becasue the shows will be avialable on all windows devices. But offering a better value proposition for people to have and maintain a live sub.

If i can get access to some really good exclusive TV shows along with online gaming and a couple free games a month for only £30ish that's not a bad deal at all. I'm already paying twice that for netflix anyway.

KinjoTakemura1666d ago

@Will Exclusive TV Shows Help Sell the Xbox One?


FITgamer1666d ago

Agreed, no one is gonna pay $500 for a box to watch a few tv shows. For people that were already planning on buying the console it's just a bonus.

xDHAV0K24x1666d ago

good to have them in addition to the games we want

Dannyh1665d ago

Could help, my friend got his ps4 before Xbox one because ps4 had the WWE network and Xbox one didn't during wrestlemania

WeAreLegion1665d ago

If the shows are REALLY good, yes.

People pay for HBO and HBO Go because of quality shows. I'm sure if Microsoft makes great shows, people would be more inclined to purchase an Xbox One. However, if the shows are also available on the 360, people will just buy those used for like $90.

AceofStaves1665d ago

On their own? No. I can't see people spending $400-500 on a box just for some TV shows.

But they do add value to the XB1's offerings. People who are going to buy it for games now have additional content available through the Live Gold subscription, and offering additional content to subscribers is always good.

Grimhammer001665d ago

Lol no.
just no.

If MS was serious....they'd have paid HBO for GoT exclusivity! Lol

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