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Metal Gear Solid 4 Swedish Mag Translated Review [Warning! Spoilers]

The recent review of Metal Gear Solid 4 from the swedish magazine has been translated by a member at nextgen.ws. The review has some interesting bits for the readers.there are some massive gameplay spoilers uncovered so hardcore fans please beware. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9.7/10

turbogeekx  +   2625d ago
Hideo Kojima has done it again.
CViper  +   2625d ago
Morgan. I died of laughter. Literally.
So true though lol.

LenHart  +   2625d ago
June 12th 2008
emergence day

pwnsause  +   2625d ago
no, its 'sneak Out' screw emergance day, we have another day that beats emergance day, its called K-day, feb 09
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skynidas  +   2625d ago
LenHart  +   2625d ago
Oh yea man

the KILLZONE day ---feb 2009

the world comes to a standstill . X360 and wii will lie at the feet of KZ2 --the ultrarealistic and the biggest and the baddest game ever created
ISA_Scum  +   2625d ago
I can't wait for this!
basherdrog  +   2625d ago
reports! this is NOT a duplicate story!!!!!!!
juuken  +   2625d ago
Wow, June 12th is gonna feel like Independence Day. xD
Kojima, you're the best. You're a highly respectable developer and I hope you continue to support PS3 owners.
S O N Y  +   2625d ago
cant wait,two weeks
bandoors  +   2625d ago
yaah Hideo Kojima is my number one director ^__^ go Kojima
ICUP  +   2625d ago
DAY ONE BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crazyglues  +   2625d ago
with out Question....
Already paid for mine in full about a month ago... LoL

Can't wait.
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livespawn  +   2625d ago
god bless kojima's soul !!!
Timesplitter14  +   2625d ago
what you're asking Kojima to bless himself?
sandip787  +   2625d ago
It’s not about one single revolutionary aspect. It’s about that MGS4 is so beautiful, so perfect and that it dares to get so close. When the credits roll, it feels like it’s just now that I’ve understood what games are all about.”

enough said really
clintos59  +   2625d ago
This is what I been trying to tell my friends who all own a 360 and hasnt played an mgs game...
I try to tell them what sets the metal gear series from all the posers who try an step in its path. MGS isnt just your average stealth action game, and for a stealth action game u will not find a more amazing story in any other stealth action game then mgs. They all praise splinter cell, and yes splinter cell is a great game and all, but when put next to mgs, it just doesnt come close to what mgs brings to the table. Just like how they said when the credits were rolling he turned around and seen grown men crying. This is something u will never find in a splinter cell game, heck u wont even find anything like this in a halo or gears game, the story in mgs games are just that amazing. I know when I finish playing this game, im going to be crying aswell because snake is one of my all time favorite gaming icons and to know this is his last mission, im going to go all out with snake to unlock every secret we didnt know of in his final mission before I let my favorite gaming icon rest in peace. :)
Bluejet  +   2625d ago
Total agree
Total agree man .
sandip787  +   2625d ago
i agree, the true appreciation of the metal gear series doesnt lie in its innovation, genre busting gameplay, epic battles, truly magnificent moments that interact with the player, the immense story, or any of that. its the realisation that what you are playing is something that truly is art, something that means more than a score or points. it is true gaming, and a place where no one else but kojima can dare venture to.
Surfman  +   2625d ago
Only on PS3.
Angelitos  +   2625d ago
Next gen starts with MGS4 :)
3sexty rulzzz  +   2625d ago
you got sh!t else to play,
so to hype you even more you gays pull reviews from oversees, this is utterly pathetic!. trolls mouths will wide open in-shock after the American #s start to come in. all of you in would talk sh!t about those mags, now you praise them. you trolls are gay(funny). hularious as well. American reviews will not reflect those numbers. prepare for mgs4 solid to get 7s and 8s and fews 9s from american reviews
JVIDICAN  +   2625d ago
keep pouting troll ;)
LenHart  +   2625d ago

PirateThom  +   2625d ago
Sorry, it's not Ninja Gaiden II.
ISA_Scum  +   2625d ago
*In Slim Shady rap*

"You make the posters go, trolly, troll, troll!"
bootsielon  +   2625d ago
According to gamestats.com
This will be the third "AAA" exclusive game, i.e. the third game with an average score of 9.0 or above. Xbox 360 barely has one left and that is Gears, since Bioshock and Mass Effect are not staying on 360. If EA ported Fight Night 3 to PS3 long after it came out on 360, then you bet your ass Mass Effect is coming to PS3 too. And if you were wondering about Halo 3, it has an 8.9 on gamestats.com

Good things come to those who wait. Just compare the holiday line-ups. And all despite Xbox 360s head start.
Maverick_  +   2625d ago

Metacrtitic is biased and counts all the Gamespot/Cnet affiliates that are pro 360 just for the sake of being it.

PS3 is coming on strong now baby!
CViper  +   2625d ago
Boot "they" don't like using gamestats. Its too unbiased.. for a site they like.. pick metacritics or gamerankings.
Both Cnet owned.

BTW Can someone answer me on WHY Metacritics/Gamerankings SHOULD be used in place of gamestats over IGN's Gamestats?
Angelitos  +   2625d ago
Which Swedish magazine is this?
Tidux  +   2625d ago
heheeh it´s not "svenska"
hy this is not swedish!it´s from holland!im swedish sp i know,update=)
vloeistof  +   2625d ago
Ri0tSquad  +   2625d ago
LOl, I can't wait for Gamespot's review
Oh, damn I can't wait.
Anoxida  +   2625d ago
The translation is from the review done by Swedish magazine Level who gave MGS4 a perfect 10/10. The 9.7 review is from a dutch magazine.. author messed up this is a messy one.
SL1M DADDY  +   2624d ago
"one of the best games ever"
System seller? Oh yeah.

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